OPA Members’ Testimonials


We love the OPA! It has allowed us to show our daughter we want to continue to be involved in her education. We especially love working on the Homecoming float, walking in the parade, and all the fun of Homecoming! The OPA is a great way to stay involved and show your kids you still care!

Cindy & Rick Doll
FAU Junior Parents



“It has been a great experience. We have met some very cool people who care about their kids and their education. We can’t wait for the events to come, and we have a great time at the events. It seems to get better and better. We are proud to be a part of this (OPA), and we are going to continue until our daughter graduates.

Ignacio Resillez
FAU Junior Dad



I am proud to be an OPA mom. The first time I met everyone, I knew I wanted to be part of it as much as I could be. The families were nice and a fun bunch. I met two very special families that I will always be grateful to because they knew that I live far away from my daughter. They took her under their wings like a dove and took care of my Paloma. That's the kind of families that are involved in the OPA-- caring, loving and also fun people. The staff is the same way—Great! I will be an OPA mom for a long time. The social events also are great "I call them my vacations". Join the OPA, and you will see what a great Association it is!

Maria Ortiz-Guerra
FAU Sophmore Mom

 Last Modified 6/20/18