Waste Management

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste produced on the campus, FAU has a recycling program involving segmented wastebaskets around the campuses and within buildings and offices. If everyone on FAU's campus properly disposed of their waste by recycling, the University's carbon footprint would be greatly reduced.


What We Recycle

Recycling Poster

Help promote recycling in your office by posting these signs near your recycling bins! 

Download PDF: Single Stream Recycling Poster.pdf
Download JPG: Single Stream Recycling Poster.jpg

Office Recycling

Office Recycling

Within the offices around FAU campuses, smaller receptacles are also set up for the staff. A small blue recycling bin is provided to office workers with a separate paper from non-recyclable waste. Only paper is to be placed in the main blue compartment and non-recyclable waste in the small black container. All plastic and glass should be deposited in appropriate containers found in most buildings (see above). Office areas are also suited with larger, three-compartment receptacles for other recyclable materials. 

Outdoor Recycling

Outdoor receptacles around campus are divided into three different compartments: non-recyclable waste, paper, cardboard and commingled (glass, plastic and metals). There are also solar powered compactors equipped to handle recycling. 

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