Dining Services

Dining Services purchases cage-free eggs and prohibits the serving of chicken and pork from vendors that use growth hormones.

In September 2008, the FAU Business Services team -- which oversees dining and food services on FAU campuses -- chose to remove the trays from the cafeteria in an effort to save on costs as well as help the environment. The removal of the trays was instrumental in getting patrons to reduce the amount of food taken on initial trip through the all-you-can-eat cafeteria -- the Centre Marketplace. In fact, the food waste dropped by 25% or 3,500 pounds a week. Plus there was a savings of 3,000 gallons of water per week along with a 5% reduction in amount of soap used from no longer having to wash trays.

Business Services is actively seeking other ways to practice sustainability such as offering used coffee grounds to customers that can be reused in gardens.

Click here to for more information regarding sustainable practices in food services.

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