Green Future: From Sky to Ground

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatics Engineering 

Attention High School Students! Ready to embark on an eco-adventure exploring air pollution mysteries and solid waste challenges? Join us at Florida Atlantic University’s SeaTech Campus in Dania Beach from June 10 - 14, 2024, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, for a summer of impact and innovation! 

  • Discover environmental engineering basics
  • Learn about air pollution factors
  • Explore waste management and recycling
  • Understand the human impact on air and land
  • Engage in interactive activities
  • Get introduced to environmental engineering tools
  • Explore career paths in environmental engineering

Our program engages students with dynamic teaching tools like multimedia presentations, interactive slides, lab experiments, and educational games. Delve into environmental engineering concepts, spark curiosity in discussion forums, and participate in hands-on activities. Ignite curiosity, build confidence, and acquire lasting enthusiasm for environmental stewardship. View the schedule and apply below:


  Morning Session Afternoon Session


  • Welcome and Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • Historic Environmental Problems and Their Impact
  • Identifying Local Environmental Issues
  • What is Air Pollution? Sources and Types
  • Success Stories in Air Pollution Control
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Hands-On Activity: Measuring and Analyzing Gaseous and Particulate Air Pollutants


  • The Lifecycle to Waste: Generation to Disposal
  • Types of Waste: Characteristics and Sources
  • Beach Cleanup Activity
  • Beach Trash Sorting Workshop 


  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Climate Change Science
  • Renewable and Non-Fossil Energy Sources
  • Case Study: Environmental Impacts of Transportation Sector
  • Hands-On Activity: Measuring and Analyzing Air Pollutants from Cars


  • Innovative Recycling Techniques and Waste Reduction
  • Success Stories in Waste Management
  • Group Project: Designing a Recycling Program for Schools


  • Recap and Integration of Air and Waste Topics
  • Students to Write a Summary of Their Experience
  • Closing Ceremony