MS in Biomedical Engineering Distinctive Program Characteristics

  • Builds on the highly successful Bioengineering Graduate Certificate Program that was approved and started in Fall 2003, currently has 56 applicants, and has awarded 14 Certificates of Completion.
  • Faculty members teach courses and supervise graduate research assistants are drawn from departments and centers within the College of Engineering & Computer Science and the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science and, at this time, include a number of distinguished adjunct faculty, several of whom hold Ph.D. and MD degrees, Drs. Carlos Aparicio, Jeffrey Weiss, and Ilker Yaylali. Additional faculty and adjunct faculty members will be added.
  • Opportunities for graduate students to conduct research in centers, institutes, and facilities with which faculty have association, College of Engineering & Computer Science Robotics, Applied Stochastics Research, Imaging Technology, and Ocean & Systems Engineering Centers; Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Centers for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology; Scripps Florida; Beckman Coulter Inc.; Northwest Medical Center; North Broward Medical Center; and Miami Children's Hospital, Brain Institute & Neuroscience Center. A number of opportunities also exist for students in small, highly specialized companies.
  • Responds to the many inquiries from prospective graduate degree-seeking national and international students interested in the Bioengineering area.
  • Responds to the State of Florida and national workforce needs of industries, hospitals, and agencies comprising the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Healthcare sectors of the economy. Is an integral part of the Enterprise Florida Life Sciences Roadmap.
  • Contains a Program Core that introduces students to the breadth of Bioengineering research topics.
  • In the second phase of implementation, Program Tracks are planned in the areas of Biomedical and Biosystems Engineering, Bioinformatics Engineering and Computer Science, Biotechnology Robotics and Automation, Biomechanics, and Neuroscience and Neurological Engineering. A General Bioengineering Studies track will remain.