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Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. They can be caused by severe weather, infectious diseases, spills, or by intentional acts. The very nature of an emergency is unpredictable and can change in scope and impact.

Unit emergency planning is vital to the ability of the University to effectively respond to and recover from emergency events. All University units are required to have Emergency Response Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans. Some University units may also be required to have additional or more specific plans. At a minimum, all plans must address the following items:

   i.     Preparing for emergency events; updating notification trees, identifying and stocking emergency supplies etc.; 
   ii.    Evacuating and sheltering-in-place procedures in an emergency and for response to fires, bomb threats, chemical spills, hurricanes, etc.;
   iii.   Assessing damage to facilities and equipment and resources; and
   iv.   Activating continuity of operations plans and performing mission essential functions either at the primary or an alternate site.  

All units are required to review and revise their plans at least once a year. Plan review should also occur as a result of, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:
   a)    Organizational restructuring within the unit or that affects the unit, such as University-wide reorganization (this includes changes in unit name)
   b)    Changes in personnel or assigned responsibilities
   c)    Changes in unit facilities (this includes location or layout)

President’s Emergency Planning Memo

Emergency Response Plan (UERP) Information:

Sample UERP


Unit Emergency Response Plan (UERP) Guide & Template             Word               PDF          
Unit Emergency Response Plan (UERP) Template Only          Word                PDF

Continuity of Operations (UCOOP) Information

Sample UCOOP


Unit Emergency Response Plan (UCOOP) Guide & Template             Word               PDF          
Unit Emergency Response Plan (UCOOP) Template Only          Word               PDF

COOP Plan Audit Table (use to help complete your plan)

FEMA COOP Resources:

FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course (IS-546.A)
FEMA Introduction to Continuity of Operations (COOP) Course (IS-547a)

Hazard-specific responses:

     •  Evacuation
     • Shelter in Place


     • Hurricane Guidelines Cards
        ο   Office and General Space 
        ο  Laboratories


Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan

Sample Pandemic


Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan     Guide & Template             Word               PDF          
Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan     Template Only          Word               PDF

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