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What conditions may warrant evacuation of a building?

A Fire, Bomb Threat, Hazardous Material Spill, Hostile Intruder, Utility Failure, etc.

What should I know about the building?

•    Know at least 2 exit locations for the building.
•    Pay attention to the locations of emergency equipment (i.e., fire extinguishers, pull stations, emergency telephones, etc.).
•    Know the location of the assembly area or building evacuation points.

What should I do when I hear a fire alarm, or get an order to evacuate without an activated alarm?

1.    Turn off all hazardous experiments or procedures before evacuating.  If possible, take or secure all valuables, wallets, purses, keys, etc. as quickly as possible.
2.    Close all doors behind you as you exit.
3.    Check all doors for heat before you open or go through them to avoid walking into a fire.
4.    Evacuate the building using the nearest exit or stairway.  *DO NOT USE ELEVATORS*  
5.    Call 911 from a safe area and provide name, location, and nature of emergency.
6.    Proceed to pre-determined assembly area/evacuation point of building and remain there until you are told to re-enter by the emergency personnel in charge.
7.    Do not impede access of emergency personnel to the area.
8.    Inform emergency personnel of the event, conditions and location of individuals who require assistance and have not been evacuated.

What should I do to initiate a fire alarm to evacuate a building?

Activate fire alarm pull station located at various points along exit routes.

 Last Modified 9/20/21