Equity Status Report

Florida Education Equity Act, Equity Accountability Program and Budgetary Incentive Plan

The Florida Equity Report initially lists the policies and procedures in support of equity administered by Florida Atlantic University. In addition, the Florida Equity Report combines four (4) equity requirements into one document produced annually which stipulates that each state university shall develop a plan for the following:

  1. Examine undergraduate and graduate enrollment and completion, by race and by gender.
  2. Review the delivery of services by the Division of Student Services to determine compliance with equity statutes and non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, national origin, marital status or disability.
  3. Detail intercollegiate athletics participation by gender, as well as representation of coaches and athletic administrators in compliance with Title IX.
  4. Report on equity in employment 
    • Increasing the number of women and minorities in senior-level administrative (AMP) position
    • Increasing the number of women and minorities in ranked faculty positions
    • Increasing the number of women and minorities granted tenure

Selected employment categories are analyzed for the Equity Accountability Program, and improvements in their representation are reported in the report. Improvements, successes and plans for the upcoming year are also incorporated within the report.

A Budgetary Incentive Plan should be developed to reward units that have successfully attracted a diverse faculty and/or senior-level administrative staff.

Updated 2/12