Scholarships: Curriculum, Culture & Educational Inquiry

Scholarship Name Eligibility Requirements
Toppel Family Early Childhood Doctoral Scholarship Endowment

The Departments of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry and/or Exceptional Student Education designate this scholarship to be a one-year award to a doctoral student whose research interests best meet a commitment to early childhood education. In addition, the recipient needs to demonstrate evidence of high academic achievement, and a propensity for successful completion of the doctoral program.

Applicants must provide a College of Education scholarship application, a resume, two letters of recommendation (from FAU faculty and/or professionals in the field) and a 750-word essay describing their experiences and future goals in early childhood research and scholarship.

For this scholarship, applications are collected in summer for awards which begin in the fall term.

* A current FAFSA must be on file with the Financial Aid office and must show unmet need for the academic year for scholarships requiring financial need. Please DO NOT submit financial documentation with your College of Education scholarship packet.