Melanie Acosta

Select Publications

Acosta, M. M., Duggins, S. (2018). Community literacy learning spaces as counterhegemonic figured worlds for African American readers. Reading Horizons, 57(3), 49 -67.

Acosta, M. M. (2018). The paradox of pedagogical excellence among exemplary Black women educators. Journal of Teacher Education, 70(1), 26-38.

Acosta, M. M., Foster, M., Houchen, D. (2018). “Why seek the living among the dead?” African American pedagogical excellence: Exemplar practice for teacher education Journal of Teacher Education, 69(4), 341-353.

Hudson-Vassell, C., Acosta, M. M., King, N. S., Upshaw, A., Cherfere, G. (2018). Development of liberatory pedagogy in teacher education: Voices of novice BLACK women teacher educators. Teaching and Teacher Education, 72, 133-143.

Acosta, M. M. (2017). EDG 6931 writes back!: Black Studies as emancipatory resistance to neoliberal tyranny in teacher education. Critical Studies—Critical Methodologies, 17(3), 269-276.

Acosta, M. M. (March, 2017). You reap what you sow: High expectations and student achievement. Diversity Partners Magazine.

Acosta, M. M. (2015). “No time for messin’ around!” Black educator urgency and implications for the preparation of urban educators. Urban Education, 53(8), 981-1012.'_Around_Black_Educator_Urgency_and_implications_for_the_preparation_of_urban_educators

Melanie Acosta

Dr. Melanie Acosta

Assistant Professor, Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry
Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry

Office Location: ED 47 - 475
Campus: Boca