Spotlight - South Dakota University

Jody Owen is an Academic Advisor at South Dakota University. Appreciative Advising was introduced on her campus in 2013 when Dr. Jenny Bloom presented the framework during a Professional Development Improvement session to twenty advising and administrative staff at South Dakota University. Jody and her colleagues connected strongly with the Appreciative Advising model and designed a plan to introduce the model to faculty and advising staff with a training plan. Inspired to create a disarming office space for her students, Jody has included mementos of personal achievements and positive images throughout her office which encourages conversations with students and their parents when she meets with them.

On campus, Appreciative Advising has been applied to further professional development activities including “Bump the Lamp,” which pays homage to a scene from Disney’s 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” where animators re-designed a scene to account for the small but meaningful details that would enhance the viewers’ experiences. Bump the Lamp at South Dakota University allows colleagues to acknowledge one another’s extra efforts and express thanks and appreciation for one another during their training sessions and workshops each semester where Appreciative Advising has been further explored in the context of their services to students. Additionally, Appreciative Advising has become an integral component of orientation at South Dakota University and even engages all incoming students in a Dream board activity.

We are proud to feature South Dakota University as an institution that has integrated Appreciative Advising practices in their regular activities and interactions among colleagues, ultimately enhancing the experiences their students have from orientation through graduation. Great job South Dakota University!