Department of Teaching and Learning


Faculty Profiles and Curricula Vitae

The Department of Teaching and Learning faculty includes the department chair and 23 full-time faculty members. They have the highest degrees in their fields, value excellence, and are committed to Teaching, Research and Service. Our distinguished faculty prepare our undergraduate and graduate students to become informed, capable and ethical practitioners who are reflective decision-makers.

Teaching Research Interests
Dr. Paul R. Peluso , Interim Chairperson
Dr. Eileen N. Ariza , Professor
Ed.D. Multilingual/Multicultural Education, University of Massachusetts
Dr. Rina Bousalis , Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction: Social Science Education, University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla.
Dr. Susannah L. Brown , Professor
Ph.D. Art Education, Florida State University
Dr. Victoria S. Brown , Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Management, University of West Florida
Dr. Bessie P. Dernikos , Assistant Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum & Teaching with specialization in Literacy Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
Dr. Penelope J. Fritzer , Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. English, University of Miami
Dr. Joseph M. Furner , Professor
Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction/Mathematics Education, minor: Computer Technology in Mathematics and Education, University of Alabama
Dr. Alyssa R. Gonzalez-DeHass , Professor
Ph.D. Educational Psychology, minor: Psychology, University of Florida
Dr. Deborah L. Harris , Associate Professor
Ph.D. Curriculum Teaching and Educational Policy, Michigan State University
Dr. Robyn L. Klein , Coordinator of Student Teaching and Secondary Education
Ed.D. Educational Leadership: Specialization: Teacher Preparation, Lynn University
Dr. David Kumar , Professor
Ed.D. Science Education, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Susanne Lapp , Associate Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum & Instruction, University of Cincinnati
Jodi Leit , Instructor/advisor
M.Ed. Elementary Education, Florida Atlantic University
Philomena S. Marinaccio , Associate Professor
Ph.D. Special Education/Reading, University of Miami
Dr. Ann Musgrove , Assistant Professor
Ed.D. Adult and Community Education, Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Bryan H. Nichols , Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Science Education, University of South Florida—Tampa
Dr. Jillian Powers , Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction: Instructional Technology, Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Angela E. Rhone , Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum & Teaching, University of North Carolina
Dr. Patricia P. Willems , Associate Professor
Ph.D. Educational Psychology, University of Florida

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