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Educational Psychology

Florida Atlantic University – College of Education
Master's Degree (M.Ed.) in Educational Psychology

The M.Ed. Educational Psychology offers students the opportunity to specialize in the application of psychology in educational settings by examining theoretical and applied aspects of learning and cognition, human development, motivation, human personality, and other psychological principles.

Program of Studies & Admission Requirements

Possible Career Paths with an Educational Psychology Degree

  • University Settings: Professor (Requires a Doctoral Degree)
  • State/Community Colleges: Instruction
  • Consulting/Research & Evaluation: School Districts, Research Agencies, Industry, Military
  • Teaching (Requires certification separate from this degree)
  • Business: Training & Staff Development

Career Path Sources

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School Psychology

A degree in Educational Psychology is distinctly different from that of School Psychology. Educational psychologists concentrate on how effective teaching and learning take place. They consider a variety of factors, such as human development, student motivation, classroom management, classroom assessment, and learning theory. School psychologists work directly with public and private schools. They assess and counsel students, consult with parents and school staff, and conduct behavioral intervention when appropriate. Some school districts employ school psychologists full time. Unfortunately, at this time, FAU does not have a School Psychology Program. For more on school psychology be sure to visit the American Psychological Association:

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