Department of Teaching and Learning



Mission Statement

The Department of Teaching and Learning is committed to preparing knowledgeable, reflective, and skilled educators to teach in a globally diverse society with an emphasis on strong content knowledge and meaningful field experiences in all disciplines. The department supports FAU’s Strategic Plan including our commitment to student success, collaboration with community stakeholders, and engagement in scholarly research. Students benefit from faculty members’ expertise in content knowledge, pedagogy, research, and service. Our primary goal as teacher educators is to prepare graduates who become effective, inspirational, and successful teachers of diverse learners. Our broad range of graduate and undergraduate professional programs in the areas of elementary, secondary, reading, environmental education, instructional technology, and educational psychology promote collaboration among faculty, students, school districts, community partners, and educational professionals.

For more information:
Graduate Degree / Certificate Programs: 561-297-3791
Undergraduate Degree Programs:
Boca 561-297-3570  Davie 954-236-1028  Jupiter 561-799-8135