Body Composition Lab

The Body Composition Laboratory was established in the early 1980s and is currently located in Field House 11A within the Exercise Science and Health Promotion Department. This laboratory expands the knowledge and research experiences of our students in classroom laboratories and research settings.


Bod Pod

bodpod Your percentage of body fat is assessed using air displacement (plethysmography). Bod Pod weighing is comparable with underwater weighing and skinfolds for body composition determination.

DEXA (Dual emissions x-ray absorptiometry)

DEXA This is a non-invasive test to determine bone density and body composition.

Underwater Weighing

underwater Your percentage of body fat is measured using hydro-densitometry and nitrogen washout. Underwater weighing is the gold standard for body composition determination.

Other Assessments

Body Metrix Ultrasound Body Composition

This particular machine measures body composition by scanning several muscles to assess body fat and muscle.


Skinfold calipers (three or seven sites on the body) are used to assess body composition, fat and muscle.

Lab Manager

Marie Wells
GY 170
561-212-5945 Lab cell