Program Information

Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Exceptional Student Education is offering a grant-funded graduate program providing the opportunity to earn the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) endorsement.

  • Grant funding covers tuition. Textbooks and transportation fees will be the responsibility of participants.
  • Time to complete the program depends on the course sequence (when each course is offered during each semester in the program).
  • You can enroll in the FAU ASD classes as a non-degree-seeking student. Please visit to apply as non-degree seeking.
  • Please note that some courses require prerequisites.
  • Students admitted to Project I2 must meet the ESE Department degree master's course completion requirements throughout the program to maintain enrollment in Project I2.
  • Project I2 ASD courses (see chart below) cover all of the FDOE competencies in ASD.
  • Project I2 has a service obligation requirement.

The following courses are required for all Project I2 participants:

Course Semester(s) Offered Prerequisite
EEX 6095 Nature & Characteristics of ASD Fall and Summer None
EEX 6210 Diagnosis, Assessment & Instructional Decision Making for Students with ASD Summer EEX 2010 or EEX 4070 or EEX 5051 or EEX 6095 or equivalent
EEX 6298 Intervention: Social, Communication, Academic & Functional Skills for Students with ASD Fall EEX 2010 or EEX 4070 or EEX 5051 or EEX 6095 or equivalent
EEX 6602 Behavior Change & Management Summer EEX 5612 with grade of B or higher; enrollment in graduate degree program in ESE or closely related major OR permission from instructor (closely related majors include CEDU, COED, CRIN-CIYN, CUIN, ELEM, EPSY)
EEX 5612 Applied Behavior Analysis Fall and Spring No prerequisite

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