Welcome to Project I²

Thank you for your interest in our grant-funded graduate program. Unfortunately, Project I2 is in its final year and is no longer accepting applications for grant funding. You may still apply to complete these courses as a non-degree-seeking student (https://www.fau.edu/education/academicdepartments/ese/atce/) or as part of a Master's or doctorate in Exceptional Student Education (https://www.fau.edu/education/academicdepartments/ese/grad/).


Dr. Cynthia L. Wilson, Project Director

Intensive Intervention for Students with ASD who have Persistent and Severe Needs

Project Mission:

To provide an evidenced-based graduate program in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) with specialization in teaching children with ASD who have persistent and severe learning and behavioral needs

Questions? Email ProjectI2@fau.edu

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