Pre-K State of Florida Teacher Certification Endorsement (Pre-K - Grade 3)

Program Overview for Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement

The Prekindergarten/Primary Education (Age Three - Grade Three) graduate program, often referred to as "Pre-K Disabilities" is designed to meet the competencies outlined by the state of Florida for the PreK-Grade 3 State of Florida Teacher Certification Endorsement. This program prepares teachers to work with children with disabilities from Prekindergarten to Grade Three. Graduates are eligible to teach in special education and inclusive education classes in Florida's public schools. Many of the courses leading to this endorsement are offered online. Class

Admissions Requirements for Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement

The courses in this Concentration Area may be taken as a non-degree seeking student or they may be integrated into a Master’s Degree program as a degree seeking student in the Department of Special Education. These courses might also apply toward a Master’s degree in another major in the College of Education (e.g., Curriculum & Instruction, or a major in the Teaching and Learning Department), but that requires coordination and planning with the student’s academic advisor in those programs. To obtain a Pre-K Disabilities teaching endorsement upon completion of this Concentration Area, graduates must already have a Bachelor’s degree and initial State of Florida Teacher Certification. (Students who wish to gain the teaching endorsement should seek the most current information from the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Teacher Certification at 1(800) 445-6739 or visit

Course Requirements for Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement

  • EEX 5015 (3) Survey & Assessment Early Childhood Special Education
  • EEX 5017 (3) Atypical Development Early Childhood ESE
  • EEX 5245 (3) Methods in Early Childhood Special Education
  • EEX 5755 (3) Family & Community Resources in Early Childhood Special Education

Accreditation Standards for Pre-K Disabilities Endorsement

  • State of Florida Prekindergarten/Primary Education (Age 3) Through Grade Three (3) Specialization Competencies (PK/P)
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • CEC-Division for Early Childhood (DEC)
  • Educator Accomplished Practices: Florida Education Standards Commission (EAP)
  • NCATE Recommendations for Technology in Teacher Education (NCATE-tech)
  • Subject Matter Content Standards for Teachers: ESOL = (ESOL)
  • Florida’s Early Intervention Professional Competencies (ITDS Appendix A)

Furthering Your Education

  • Students completing three courses from the list above (EEX 5015, EEX 5017, EEX 5755) and one additional course (EEX 6707) are eligible for Children’s Medical Services’ Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist certificate.
  • Students completing this Pre-K Disabilities certification area and who wish to further their education could integrate these courses into a Master’s Degree Program in the Department of Special Education. These courses could count toward the ESE Master’s Concentration in Early Childhood.

Department ESE Pre-K Disabilities Contact Person

Dr. Jim Forgan

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