Our Doctoral Graduates

Information about Our Doctoral Graduates and Its Graduates

Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Special Education provides a robust mix of curriculum, coursework, and other educational experiences intended to prepare scholars and leaders in the special education field. Dynamic faculty and a host of diverse learning experiences provide students with a solid foundation to be a leader in the special education field.

Significant effort, energy and expense are invested into earning a doctoral degree, therefore this begs the question: what do the graduates do with the degree? For graduates of the FAU doctoral program in special education, the answer is, a number of different things. Read about our graduates and where are they now in this document.

  • Doctoral Program Completers from the Special Education Program at FAU: Who Are They and What Are They Doing?

  • How long does it take to complete the FAU Doctoral program in DSE?

    Students can attend the doctoral program full- or part-time. While some students complete the program in as little as 3 years, some students take longer. The most common completion time is 5 years. The time period includes time to complete course work and the dissertation. Since the inception of the program, the range for years to completion is 3 to 17. This range reflects both fulland part-time students who have attended the program, as a full-time student, employed as a graduate assistant or as a part-time student, working in some professional capacity. The flexibility of our program allows any student to tailor a program that can be completed in a reasonable time frame.

  • What are graduates of our program doing with their degree?

    Most students who complete our doctoral degree assume a position in higher education, but not all. The doctoral program prepares leaders in special education with a deep knowledge of scholarship and the ability to take a diversity of professional roles. The bar graph below summarizes the many different professional roles students obtained after graduation.

    2019 - Employement for Graduates from FAU Doctoral Program in ESE