GEN E: Communities Innovating, Leading, and Connecting


We envision a new generation of youth (GEN E) that will obtain the skills, ability, and support from community leaders, organizations, and local businesses to transform and challenge inequity. Historically, racially unjust systems - education, economic opportunities, and engagement in government (E3) – persist throughout the US. Youth changemakers - Gen E - will combat these E3 systemic inequities within their racially segregated and economically under-resourced communities in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In three cohorts, this critical mass of 600 changemakers, their mentors, community leaders, and allies from surrounding communities will attend the Gen E Leadership Academy. A contextually responsive program combining racial healing and learning in leadership for equity through which participants will apply learning and leverage individual assets to collaboratively identify community needs, devise and implement a total of 22 E3 Levers for Change Action Plans. Across communities and cohorts, they will support and Integrate efforts via the Gen E Hub. Anticipated results include improved graduation-rates and post-secondary opportunities among youth changemakers, improvements in economic outlook and governance engagement in the communities, and ultimately sustained racial justice.