Adult and Community Education Specialist Program

The Adult/Community Educational Specialist Program serves individuals preparing for leadership positions in education programs for adults in a wide variety of settings: universities and community colleges, business and industry, health and social service agencies, and public and private schools. The foundational knowledge base includes the basic tenets and principles of leadership. Leaders must develop well-rounded leadership skills, a capacity to envision the future, and be able to find opportunities within and without their organization for the benefit of those they lead. The professional knowledge base includes the technical knowledge, specialized skills, and ethical standards used to function in the professional adult education workplace.

The program is designed for those individuals who want to further specialize in adult and community education beyond a Master’s degree. The four major domains of this program of study include: professional attitudes, historical, philosophical, and social context, adult learning and development, and organization and administration of adult programs. Completion of this degree meets the requirements for State of Florida certification in Adult Education (not K-12) administration for those meeting the other requirements: three years of teaching and a professional certificate (State of FL Administrative Rule 6A-4.008).

Admission requirements can be found in the University Catalog and Department of Educational Leadership website at Specialist applicants are required to complete the GRE, all application forms, and submit an application fee.