Chinese Leadership Academy


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The purpose of the “Leadership Academy” sponsored by Educational Leadership & Research Methodology Department at FAU is to help Chinese administrators/leaders acquire Western leadership/management skills through a non-credit learning experience.

Who will the students be?

The students will be leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives as well as graduate students from China. The Educational Leadership & Research Methodology Department is a natural home to these foreign administrators, community leaders and school administrators. Leaders may be from higher education, commerce, the sciences, and community-based organizations.

Some of the Chinese Leadership Academy Instructors

Valerie Bryan Dr. Valerie Bryan, Professor in Educational Leadership & Research Methodology and Eminent Scholar in Community Education, will provide connections to the local communities in the dignitaries' area of interests and assist in providing a rewarding leadership training experience.

Objectives and Program Description

Each candidate, upon arrival at FAU will be assisted by an FAU faculty member to establish an Individualized Learning Plan, focusing on the learning needs and outcomes for each individual. Each candidate will participate in one (1) four (4) week term of learning experiences that will include the following:

  • Extensive Orientation program that will focus on the following:
    • The Public and Private Educational Systems of South Florida
    • Economic Development and Workforce Development in South Florida
    • Cultural and Recreational activities/experiences in South Florida
    • Political systems at the local and national levels
    • Historical Artifacts of South Florida
    • Public Transportation Systems in South Florida
  • Informal Leadership/Management Training focusing on leadership theory and practice, management and organizational behavior using Experiential Learning.


Each four week session will include a video-taped opening and closing session. The closing session will include the presentation of Certificates to all program participants to demonstrate participation in the complete program.


A non-refundable application fee of $350.00 per person is due at the time of booking. The flat tuition rate is $3,650.00 per person (Applicants via FAU's designated personnel such as U.S. professors and Chinese professors located in China are subject to a consulting fee based on the service performed by FAU's designated personnel). A minimum number of eight (8) and a maximum number of twelve (12) participants will be in each cohort group.

Participant tuition will include transportation for educational experiences (Monday—Thursday), one meal per day (Lunch, Monday—Thursday) and the delivery of educational and program activities. The participant will be responsible for their own hotel expenses. FAU has negotiated a special rate at a nearby hotel near the FAU Jupiter Campus with kitchenettes and a free shuttle service.


J1-Scholar category of VISA required.

Application Checklist & Visa

FAU Instructions to Wire Funds

For more information regarding the application process, contact in English or Mandarin Chinese; 关于申请详细过程, 请用英文或中文直接联系以下电子信箱: 

Jupiter FAU