CCEI Mission Statement and Central Tenets

The Department of Curriculum, Culture, and Educational Inquiry (CCEI) is committed to the service of schools, communities, and the global society by advancing the causes of diversity, social justice, and human rights among our stakeholders. CCEI supports educational professionals through responsive teaching, research and service that advocates for the diverse students, schools, and communities we serve.

The Department of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry fulfills its mission by pursuing the following principles:

  • Promoting equity, democracy, sustainability, human rights, and social justice;
  • Emphasizing culturally and linguistically relevant practices to promote quality access to education;
  • Advocating for reform through the critical examination of current education policies and practices;
  • Creating partnerships through community engagement that inform practice and support the evolving needs of professional educators;
  • Forging an understanding of the relationship between theory and practice;
  • Developing skills and dispositions that effectively promote active service and self-reliance;
  • Offering interdisciplinary programs that are flexible and innovative in responding to the needs of learners from early childhood to adulthood;
  • Promoting the department’s discipline-based expertise in TESOL, Multicultural Education, Early Childhood Education, and Curriculum and Instruction;
  • Fostering student understanding of the relationship between the social construction of reality and individual experience;
  • Encouraging the construction of new knowledge based on contemporary social issues and current research.