Program Overview

The Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction (Ph.D. in C&I) degree provides a theoretical and practical course of study in curriculum and instruction. The program is designed for teachers, curriculum coordinators, college instructors, corporate and agency curriculum planners, academics, and other professional educators. The program enables students to develop a theoretical and conceptual framework for studying teaching and learning, and also encourages professional educators to develop knowledge and practice in their own fields of specialization. The Ph.D. in C&I culminates in a dissertation, focused on an area of investigation that interests the doctoral candidate and benefits the profession. Doctoral candidates have opportunities to participate with faculty on research, in teaching, and in professional activities, including publishing and conference presentations.

Fall 2017 Doctoral Seminar Class
(L to R): Thiago Veronez, Angela Andriesse, Shanett Dean, Amanda Chiplock, Nicole Reid and Dilys Schoorman (Professor and Dept. Chair).