Office of Diversity Education
and Training



As part of the Center for Inclusion, Diversity Education, and Advocacy (IDEAs), the Office of Diversity Education and Training aims to foster an inclusive university community by providing services, programs, and support that engages, empowers, and educates our vastly diverse student population. The office collaborates with the campus community to create an institutional and community climate of advocacy that contributes to overall student success.


The Aim

Office of Diversity Education and Training seeks to:

  • Develop programs and trainings that educate the campus community about diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice.
  • Create opportunities for the development of cultural and cross-cultural competencies through professional and student leadership forums.
  • Provide varied student experiences to enhance overall student learning.



Social Justice Week

A week of programs aimed at bringing awareness to the various social and human rights issues impacting our campus, the U.S. and the global world. Social Justice Week serves to bridge gaps through dialogues, experiential activities and initiatives that promote equity, justice and inclusion.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Address & Day of Service

A commemorative event honoring the legacy and service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Participants have the opportunity to attend the keynote Diversity Address and give back to the community through service at a local organization.


WeLead: Diversity Matters Student Leadership Symposium

The WeLead: Diversity Matters Student Leadership Symposium is a one-day experience that aims to broaden participants’ cultural fluency while also promoting informed and effective social justice advocacy. WeLead is open and free to all FAU students and includes keynote speakers, everal break-out sessions and opportunities to interact with peers, faculty, and staff.



Real Talk Conversations

Facilitated discussions in which students can engage in constructive and respectful dialogue while sharing their views and experiences to promote a better understanding of topical issues that impact society.


‘Campus of Difference’ Diversity Training (ADL)

An anti-bias diversity training program that aims to increase self-awareness of personal bias, enhance intergroup relations in the community, and teach the value of diversity and inclusion on campus.


Owl Diversity Dialogue

Owl Diversity Dialogue serves as an on-going transformative experience that brings together a selected cohort of FAU students together to think critically about and discuss important issues of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice through the race identity lens.



Diversity Education Workshops & Programs

Diversity related trainings and seminars to help students, faculty and staff become active citizens who are able to identify and work within the needs, strengths and challenges of a diverse environment.


Lending Library

A library of diversity related resources (e.g. books, movies, articles, training materials) to help borrowers increase their understanding of important historical and currently relevant topics that relate to diversity, inclusion and social justice.


Program Co-Sponsorship

The Office of Diversity Education and Training partners with registered student organizations and departments to increase outreach and showcase various aspects of diversity.