Fabio Leon Rojas Valencia

Headshot of Fabio Leon Rojas Valencia

Fabio joined FAU in 2008 working with the College’s Graduate and PhD programs.

Born in Colombia S.A. Medellin-Antioquia, his father, Fabio Sr. brought the family to the United States of America in 1968. Growing up in New Jersey the Rojas family fostered a deep appreciation for their adopted country, the USA.

Fabio is fluent in English and Spanish (R/W/S). He is married to Cynthia who he met in college. They have two American born sons, Fabio Jr. and Adam. Fabio is a 12-year veteran of the USA Army-National Guard. Honorably discharged, having served in Signal and Infantry Battalions, making the rank of Sargent/Squad Leader in the 124th Infantry Regiment. Fabio earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with concentrations in Education and Media from Montclair State University, NJ. He completed all course-work for the Master’s in Higher Education Administration at Barry University (comps pending). He continues his professional development through seminars and other University courses.

Fabio’s professional experience expands a plethora of higher education, workforce development, case management and customer service affairs. In higher education his roles have included, Instructor of SLS courses, Admissions Counselor, Assistant Registrar, Book-store Manager, Intervention Specialist and Career Counselor.

Fabio continues his work at FAU and for the College of Design and Social Inquiry, as an Undergraduate Programs Academic Adviser, a role in which he excels, as he works directly with the College, the Schools and students striving to succeed.