Definition of the Diversity Platform

The Diversity Council has developed a definition of diversity and inclusion to facilitate the identification and cataloguing of coursework, curricula and other programming within the University that provide knowledge and skills pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

  • Gain an understanding of structural and institutional hierarchies based on one or more of the social categories of race, class, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, age, and abilities/disabilities
  • Think critically, and with an open mind, about controversial contemporary and historical issues that stem from the social categories described above within the United States’ society and its common institutions.
  • Develop responsible citizens by examining the ways power and privilege affect human lives and providing pathways to meaningful and positive change.


Year End Reports

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Council Members

David Bynes

Sean Brammer

Chief of Police, Florida Atlanta University

Chief Sean Brammer began his law enforcement career with the Florida Highway Patrol in 1997. While working for the Florida Highway Patrol he received numerous accolades for his dedication to law enforcement to include but not limited to Trooper of the Year.

Dr. Kate Detwiler

Dr. Kate Detwiler

Associate Professor

Anthropology professor and researcher — studied the lesula monkey from inside a laboratory in New York, testing air-mailed DNA samples as her fellow researchers studied them in the lush rainforests of the Congo. Primate hybridization and speciation, molecular primatology, primate behavioral ecology, conservation of African monkeys and their rainforest habitats

Headshot of Addiel Gomez

Addiel Gomez

Director Student Media

Addiel Gomez is the Director of Student Media at Florida Atlantic University. In this role, he provides leadership and oversight for the three learning labs within the Office, including OWL TV, OWL Radio and the University Press.

Headshot of Javad Hashemi

Dr. Javad Hashemi

Associate Dean for Research
Interim Chair, Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

Javad Hashemi, Ph.D. is the associate dean for research after serving as the chair of the Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University.

Sang Hong

Dr. Sang Hong

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Hong current research interests include conducting studies investigating color representation at lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), color representation during binocular rivalry, color-motion interaction.

Shihong Huang

Shihong Huang

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Shihong Huang is a Professor in the Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (CEECS) and the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Equity and Inclusion in the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Headshot of Marlynn Lopez

Marlynn Lopez

Associate Director for the Center for IDEAs (Inclusion, Diversity Education, and Advocacy)

Marlynn Lopez serves as the Associate Director for the Center for IDEAs (Inclusion, Diversity Education, and Advocacy), and oversees the Office of Hispanic/Latinx Initiatives and FUTUROS Success Program.

Headshot of Ian Mainwaring

Ian Mainwaring

Program Coordinator in the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

He holds a B.A. in History from the University of Reading, England, and is a certified ESOL teacher (English to Speakers of Other Languages). He has taught in Italy, England, and the U.S. and has worked in Student Services/Student Affairs in England and the U.S. respectively.

Sang Hong

Latarsha Morgan

Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion

As the Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion Latarsha works to ensure that all College of Science projects related to diversity align with the overall vision of the college to celebrate diversity, facilitate equity and inclusiveness, and inspire positive change.

Sheri Edwards

Dr. Kyndall Pritchard

Director, Second Degree Part-time BSN Track for Working Professionals

Dr. Kyndall Pritchard clinical practice, teaching, service and research has been directed towards decreasing disparities in underrepresented groups in nursing. Dr. Pritchard is the recipient of Barry University College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ Doctoral Award.

Headshot of Dr. Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Dr. Cristobal Salinas Jr.

Assistant professor in the Educational Leadership and Research Methodology

His research promotes access and equality in higher education and explores the social and political context of education opportunities for historically marginalized communities.

Headshot of Dr. Ata Sarajedini

Dr. Ata Sarajedini

Dean, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Ata Sarajedini is the Dean of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. Before coming to FAU in January of 2017, he served as Associate Dean for Natural Sciences and Mathematics as well as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida.

Headshot of Dr. Dilys Schoorman

Dr. Dilys Schoorman

Professor and the Chair of the Department of Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry

Her teaching, research and service interests include critical multiculturalism in educator preparation, leadership for social justice and democratic decision making (including faculty governance), immigrant education and the internationalization of curriculum.

Headshot of Deepa Sonpar

Deepa Sonpar

Coordinator, Wimberly LibraryAcademic Support Services

Works at the Wimberly library as Coordinator, Academic Support Services. Deepa has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. During her internship, she served the LGBTQ community. She believes most of us live in the illusion of separateness. Cultivating our seed of mindfulness is one way to help us treat each other with compassion rather than react through this illusion of separation.

Headshot of Fabio Rojas

Fabio Leon Rojas Valencia

Coordinator of Academic Program/Academic Advisor, College for Design and Social Inquiry

Fabio joined FAU in 2008 working with the College’s Graduate and PhD programs. Born in Colombia S.A. Medellin-Antioquia, his father, Fabio Sr. brought the family to the United States of America in 1968. Growing up in New Jersey the Rojas family fostered a deep appreciation for their adopted country, the USA.