Fire Safety

Fire Safety Manual (includes the following topics)

Compliance Responsibilities
Fire Prevention Measures
Fire Safety Education and Training
Fire Safety Inspections and Corrective Actions
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Individuals Requiring Assistance
Fire Drills
Means of Egresses
Public Assembly Events
Storage-Fire Safety
Electrical Fire Safety
Fire Extinguishers
Inspection and Testing of Fire Protection 
     and Life Safety Equipment
Life-Safety Systems
Water Based Fire Protection
Fire Doors and Dampers
Special Fire Suppression
Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Forms 
     for Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
Fire Safety Manual Inspection Forms
Fire Alarm System Installation Manual

Building  Fire Safety Information 

Building Evacuation Points (Boca Campus)

Building Fire Systems Information

Fire Safety Device Floor Plans

Steam Tunnel Access & Reinforced Crossing Points (Boca Campus)

Fire Safety Guidelines

Microwave Ovens (Word document)

Space Heaters

Holiday Decorations (Word document)

Fire Safety Related Policies

EH&S-2  Fire Alarm System Access Policy

EH&S-3  Fire Drill Procedure for University Buildings

EH&S-6  Corrective Action Procedures for the State Fire Marshal Annual Inspection Reports

EH&S-10  Storage in Halls, Corridors, and Stairwells

EH&S-11  Fire Alarm Response Policy � (Boca Campus)

EH&S-13  Fire Department Notification When Conditions Affect Access or Response to the University

Fire Safety Resources

Florida Fire Prevention Code

Florida Building Code

National Fire Protection Association

National Safety Council

Campus Fire Watch

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

United States Fire Administration


 Last Modified 11/8/16