Tutoring, Study Help, and Academic Support

Q: Do you need extra help in one of your classes?

  • For Math courses, click HERE.
  • For Writing courses, click HERE.  
  • For Engineering courses, click HERE.  
  • For General Course tutoring (such as business, science, psychology, etc.), click HERE.  
  • For courses supported by Supplemental Instruction, click HERE.   

Q: Are you interested in an on-campus job that would allow you to assist others?

  • To become a Writing Consultant, click HERE
  • To become a Supplemental Instruction Leader, click HERE
  • To become a tutor, click HERE.

Q: Do you want to learn more about how to be successful?

  • Tips for success in the classroom.    
  • Tips to Study More Effectively.
  • Tips for Success Outside the Classroom.
  • Difference between High School and College.
  • Tips for Exam Preparation & Success.    

Q : Do you want to learn about support for students with learning disabilities

  • Visit the Students Accessibility Services HERE.



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