COVID-19 Testing

August 23, 2021 - 10:00 a.m.

Student Health Services (SHS) on the Boca Raton, Davie and Jupiter campuses offers COVID-19 viral testing for all students, faculty and staff for those exhibiting signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and for asymptomatic individuals with recent known or suspected COVID-19 exposure.

To make an appointment for testing, call one of the three campus SHS clinic locations:

  • Boca Raton: 561-297-3512
  • Davie: 954-236-1556
  • Jupiter: 561-799-8678

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or suspected exposure, Protect Your Owl Family and contact Student Health Services immediately. All members of the FAU community should contact SHS if you:

  • Receive a positive COVID-19 test from another healthcare provider;
  • Are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu;
  • Have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19 symptoms.

Knowledge of positive tests, symptoms and/or individuals with direct exposure to those with the virus allows SHS to begin contact tracing protocols.

FAU Campus Testing Sites

COVID-19 testing is available to students, faculty and staff through campus testing sites for walk-ups, randomly selected participants, and any targeted testing, as needed. Pre-registration (see links below) is highly encouraged as to avoid longer wait times and delays in receiving a test. However, registration is available at the testing sites should individuals be unable to register in advance. 

Employees and students will be randomly selected and offered COVID-19 tests. The selection process for this voluntary program will draw from those working and learning on campus.

Employees and students randomly selected will be notified when attempting to log-in to any major university system, such as Workday, Canvas or Banner. Individuals selected are highly encouraged to participate in the testing process. Those choosing to participate but preferring to test through another healthcare provider will be able to upload their results to support the FAU program data (both PCR and rapid antigen tests will be accepted).

If you have been selected for random testing or are choosing to participate in walk-up testing, please follow the appropriate link to complete the pre-registration process:

The FAU on-campus schedule for walk-ups and randomly selected participants is as follows:

Covid Fall Testing Sites

Campus Day Time Location
Boca Monday – Thursday 8 am – Noon SH-46, Room 109 (Nations Multi-purpose Room)
Davie Tuesday  10 am – 2 pm ES 122 (Education and Science Building)
HBOI Tuesday 2 Pm – 4pm HB18, Room/Area 101 (foyer of Edwin A. Link building)
Jupiter wednesday 8 am – Noon WB 105
Day Monday – Thursday
Time 8 am – Noon
Location SH-46, Room 109 (Nations Multi-purpose Room)
Day Tuesday – Thursday
Time 10 am – 2 pm
Location ES 122 (Education and Science Building)
Day Tuesday
Time 2 Pm – 3pm
Location HB18, Room/Area 101 (foyer of Edwin A. Link building)
Day Tuesday - Thursday
Time 8 am – Noon
Location WB 105

Questions regarding the random testing process will be answered via the program’s dedicated hotline (561-405-8677). In the event students and/or employees want their results from the FAU random testing sites by phone, they can call 844-356-6334.

Additional information on general COVID-19 testing protocols is available in the updated FAU Health and Safety plan.


On-Campus Impact
Fall 2021 Semester

*Case data updated every 30 minutes.


Fall 2021 Semester Plans



Questions and Requests for Assistance can be directed to a Member of the COVID-19 Team at

Residential Students (including off-campus hotel)

Non-Residential Students (contact the Office of the Dean of Students)