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December 17, 2020 - 12:00 p.m.

FAU’s eventual return to traditional operations is dependent on these COVID-19-related guidelines, as well as those who notice non-compliance notifying appropriate officials when concerns arise. Individuals not complying with guidelines are subject to disciplinary actions. For students, potential sanctions could range from a conduct warning up to a suspension or expulsion from the University. For employees, sanctions could range from counseling or verbal warning up to written warnings and termination.

Examples of non-compliance include, but are not limited to: failure to wear a face covering; failure to physically distance from others; failure by a supervisor to enforce health and safety requirements; employees who exhibit signs of illness at work and refuse to return home; and employees failing to report to work when requested.

Incidents of non-compliance can be reported using the following links:

The Guidance on Enforcement of FAU’s COVID-19 Safety Plan document is meant to provide a framework of enforcement mechanisms for students, faculty and staff. Please review the plan in its entirety. Compliance is a binding responsibility of every person and will be enforced consistent with existing FAU policies, including the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

General questions related to the COVID-19 situation should be directed to


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Spring 2021 Semester

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Questions and Requests for Assistance can be directed to a Member of the COVID-19 Team at

Residential Students (including off-campus hotel)

Non-Residential Students (contact the Office of the Dean of Students)