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May 7, 2020 - 11:30 a.m.

Adjustment of Distance Learning Fees for Summer 2020 Courses

After considerable thought and consultation with other leaders in the State University System of Florida, FAU has set guidelines for distance learning fees for the summer 2020 semester. Despite the shift of courses to all remote modalities, our goal is to keep course fees neutral to you.  Therefore, we will use the original summer schedule (prior to the changes driven by the COVID19 pandemic) in assessing fees for online learning.

  • Courses that were originally intended to be taught online will be charged a distance learning fee.
  • Courses that were originally on the schedule as face-to-face or hybrid instructional methods will be coded as remote and will not be charged the distance learning fee. Students who have already registered in a remote course that was originally scheduled as face-to-face, hybrid, or other non-distance learning delivery methods will automatically be credited back the distance learning fee if it was charged.
  • While many of these courses would have had a material and supply fee associated with them, those fees will not be applied to the remote version of the courses which may result in a savings for some students.

The College of Business operates slightly differently from the rest of FAU, and those who are taking business classes will hear from the Business Dean regarding their classes and fees for Summer 2020.

In preparation for summer 2020 remote learning, students are encouraged to make arrangements now to have the appropriate technology for online or remote courses. A dependable computer, internet access, a webcam, and a headset with a microphone will be the basic tools necessary for all students. To ensure access to vital course elements such as live webinars, remote proctoring, and group projects; students should consult the list of required/recommended technology found on FAU’s Keep Learning site.


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