Information for Suppliers

New FAU Suppliers Who Need to Submit an Application/W-9

If you have a new contract and will need to be paid by FAU, please complete the forms below as applicable and return to the FAU employee you are working with.

The next step after these forms are approved will be a request from FAU to enroll to receive payments via ACH.


Domestic Supplier

  1. Complete the New Supplier Application/Substitute W-9
  2. If you are an Individual or Sole Proprietor, also complete the

Independent Contractor Checklist

Helpful Links:


Foreign Supplier or non-US Citizen

Contact Victoria Thomas in the Tax Department at or 561-297-4319 for requirements to setup a foreign supplier or non-US citizen.


Travel Expense Reference Guide for Suppliers


Businesses Who Want to Become an FAU Supplier

If you are not currently doing business with FAU but want to register to become a potential future supplier, click on the link below to complete the registration process.


Public Bids Posted Starting May 1, 2018

Click the link below to see open bids and the status of any closed or awarded bids starting May 1, 2018.


Submitting Invoices to FAU

The FAU preferred method of receiving invoices is by email to:

If you must send in the mail, use the following address.

Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Rd
ADM 10 Room 149
Boca Raton, FL 33431