Tips for Success in the Classroom

Always sit in the front of the classroom

Sitting in the front of the class helps you to focus on what the professor is saying. Professors recognize the students who are closest to the front and are often more receptive to helping these students. DID YOU KNOW: Course grades for students who sit in the front of class are often higher than for other students (Hirsch, 2001).

Always attend class and arrive on time

Class attendance really does correlate with your grade, more so than any other single study skill behavior! DID YOU KNOW: As simple as it sounds, the more you go to class, the better you will do (Hirsch, 2001). And arrive on time for class - nothing frustrates and annoys a professor more than students walking in late and distracting both the professor and other students.

Be a good listener

Simply writing down everything the professor says is not listening. Actually hearing what the professor is saying and writing down main points in your own words is the key to really understanding the subject matter.

Always take effective notes in class

Clear, concise notes are more effective than writing down everything the professor says. REWRITE and combine your study and lecture notes into a new single set of notes or outline. DID YOU KNOW: Put the lecture notes in your own words (this ensures that you understand them). Replace the old notes in your loose-leaf binder. I know you think you don't have time for this, but it will help you study when the information is still fresh and help the information to sink in! It will save you hours of studying before the test!

If you have trouble understanding a professor

write down what you do understand and leave blank spaces where you missed the information. DID YOU KNOW: You can compare notes with others in the class to fill in the blanks, use your textbook to supplement lecture material and/or visit the professor during office hours to ask for help in understanding the material. DID YOU KNOW: Leaving a blank space in your notes helps you remember that there is something missing (Hirsch, 2001).

Ask questions if you don't understand

If you don't ask questions when the topic is unclear, it will only become more confusing when the instructor moves on to the next topic. And if you don't understand something, you can be pretty sure that there are others who are just as confused (and often more so) than you! DID YOU KNOW: Many people will appreciate you asking the professor to clarify information.

Turn in papers and assignments by deadlines

students who turn in assignments on time will usually see higher grades than students who miss deadlines. DID YOU KNOW:  Being on time often provides you an opportunity to rewrite papers or correct assignments that late students miss.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Whether it's a financial concern, academic concern or anything that is causing you difficulty please let us know.   Visit the Center for Learning And Student Success in General Classroom South (GS 223 on Boca Raton Campus) or call us at (561) 297-0906 or e-mail if you need help with anything throughout your FAU experience.

 Last Modified 2/5/18