Proactive Referral for Online Students 


Faculty play an instrumental role in student success.  Through the Proactive Referral for Online Students, eSuccess partners with faculty to support students experiencing academic challenges in online courses. We believe that our programs work best when faculty make referrals as early as possible in the semester. We strive to reach out to students around midterm (if not sooner) so that they have ample time to make informed decisions and improve their learning experience. 

When faculty, instructors or online program coordinators refer a student, CLASS will work quickly and diligently to:

1. Get a better understanding of the specific barriers that are hindering academic success.

2. Meet with the student during an eSuccess consultation to create a personalized academic success plan.

3. Ensure awareness of other relevant resources that address the student's needs.

I'm concerned about a student in an online course and would like to make a referral. What do I do now?

If the concern is not related to academics and is an emergency, please contact the FAU Police Department at 561-297-3500 or file a report on the Dean of Students website.

If you are concerned about a student's academic progress in your online course, simply email us at To help us in our efforts to support our students, please be sure to send relevant student information such as the student's full name, their Z-number, your course number, the student's email address and the reason for your referral. If you are referring a large group of students, please send us an Excel file with relevant student information. This information can be easily downloaded from Canvas

What are some of the academic concerns that your office addresses?

This academic support program is designed to address a wide variety of student concerns, including but not limited to the following:

  • Unfamiliarity with Canvas or other required software applications
  • Poor assignment/test grades
  • Missing assignments
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of motivation 
  • Needs assistance with writing skills
  • Needs assistance with course content
  • Needs assistance with study skills 
  • Unusual change in academic habits 

 Who will my students meet with for their eSuccess consultations?

 Students will meet with one of our eSuccess coaches. Below please find further information on our two success coaches.


Amarae` Blyden-Richards, MBA

eSuccess Student Services Manager 

Email: or

About Amarae:

Amarae Blyden-Richards joined Florida Atlantic University in 2010. Throughout her tenure in academia, Amarae gained extensive experience in academic advising, student services, recruitment, admissions, student advocacy, and academic affairs. With a commitment to providing excellent student services and holistic advising experiences, she was awarded the F.A.U. Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Advising Award in 2013.  Amarae earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of the Virgin Islands and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Amarae believes that cultivating collaborative relationships across the university and connecting students with resources, advances student persistence and enhances academic performance. By providing meaningful and personalized support services, we help students stay on track academically, allowing them to ultimately achieve their career goals and full potential.



Patrick Dempsey, MBA

Assistant Director for eSuccess  

Phone: (561) 297-3590

Email: or 

About Patrick:

I came to FAU in 2010 as a transfer student. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in social science from FAU in 2012 and a Master of Business Administration from FAU in 2015. As a two-time alumnus, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my alma mater and its students. Helping students achieve academic success is my passion. I believe that each and every student at FAU is capable of achieving academic success. I also know from personal experience that achieving your full academic potential can be a daunting process. I have extensive experience as a student and teaching assistant in the online learning environment. I would value the opportunity to meet with you to both share my experiences and learn from your experiences.




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