eSI - Hybrid Supplemental Instruction 

Welcome to the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) eSI page!

Hybrid Supplemental Instruction (eSI) sessions adhere to the standard SI model with one major difference: While the in-person session is going on, you will have the opportunity to join the session through video conferencing software. You can join from any location and still be able to interact with the SI leader and other students in the SI session.

We update our eSI program each semester to help meet the needs of the student population. Currently, our eSI services are offered through WebEx, a virtual meeting function within Canvas. We strive to deliver optimal services and all of our eTutors are extensively trained, working towards CRLA certification.  

Getting Started 

If you want to join a hybrid SI session in Webex, you must first enroll in a separate eSI course in Canvas. You can find the self-enrollment link for your course in the email announcements sent by your SI leader. As an online participant, you will have access to the full SI session and be able to interact with your peers attending the in-person session. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the CLASS office at 561-297-0906.


WebEx Guides

We use WebEx Training Center to connect eSI sessions. The resources listed below will help you get familiar with WebEx and its associated functions so that you can get the most out of your  sessions. 

Trouble Joining eTutoring Session

If you are having trouble joining an eSI session, refer to the guide below. If the problem persists, contact us and we will make sure you get access.