LA Program Testimonials 










Calculus I LA










“When I started mechanical engineering at FAU, the LA program was just being introduced for Calculus 1. Calculus 1 was a key course that gives you the base for all the upcoming courses in the major, and therefore doing well in the class paved the path to success for the upcoming courses. I had friends who were taking calculus 1 when I did, but we were in different sections, and I sure had a smoother experience and learned to study more effectively than those who didn't have LAs in their sections. 

Being an LA is a very gratifying experience because I know I'm making a difference in the college experience of now hundreds of students. There hasn't been a section where students don't tell me how much they appreciate the LA program, and how much easier it made it for them when they took higher level courses regardless of their major. The reason being is that as LAs, we don't teach students calculus, but rather help them find their most effective way of learning, meaning that they can implement it for the rest of their majors.


Without the LA program, it isn't realistic that people connect as much and develop the habit of working and studying together. Thanks to the program, me, and most of my classmates learned the benefits of working with others, and that definitely two minds are better than one. 


As an LA, I have developed professionalism and work ethic since I had to always be punctual for class and meetings, and I was working with other fellow LAs and with instructors and departmental directors. Respect is always present in this environment and all I learned during my LA times, I have been able to implement in other work experiences. 


I definitely developed oral and written communication skills. As LAs, we are still undergraduate students, just as the students we help in our sections. Indeed, some students are taking some classes with us simultaneously. It is important to still maintain an appropriate tone when communicating to students, as an LA, and also when communicating with the instructors of our sections. Written communications must remain formal and appropriate both through emails and Canvas or any other academic platform used for the class' matters.


In the past year, LAing turned fully remote due to the pandemic. Since then, I have developed skills and earned knowledge on the utilization of digital technology for academic purposes. For instance, we tried all skype for business, cisco webex and lastly zoom as the platforms for LAing. We had no option but to learn how to use these platforms to the fullest of their capabilities to make LAing a smooth experience and so we wouldn't lose the momentum we had where students took advantage of the program to guarantee their success.”







Calculus I LA





“The teacher is more focused on discovering what processes the students are using, why they are using those and how they are mathematically relevant, encouraging students to think about ways to solve problems, and deductively make their way to the right answers. I experienced this when I was a student in calculus 1 and analytic geometry when interacting with my LA’s. Instead of directly guiding me to the right answers or reassuring me when I had no idea what I was doing and I was just throwing out answers to see if one of them would be correct, they would ask me what I think the first step is and why. If it was incorrect, they wouldn’t tell me but would ask why this could be a problem, or is there a better step that can be taken. Eventually, I became better at using deductive reasoning and problem solving because I was able to strengthen my mathematical process when evaluating a problem by asking myself the same questions on my own, and allowing me to make my own mathematical conclusions and discoveries. The problems that I got wrong were the ones that I remembered most because I had to work the hardest to solve them. When I had no idea how to solve a problem and I heavily needed an LA’s guidance, they would provide me with another problem to solve to guarantee I understood the process and material. It also helped with my mindset because I knew that achieving the answer was not the goal but the process, and I applied this to other places in my life and became less frustrated when I was faced with failure or setbacks.”







Calculus I & II LA





“This is probably over-due but I wanted to thank you. I ended up at MIT for undergrad and I chose to take calculus and physics in an active learning section. I think active learning is the way to go, and the LA program at FAU is really amazing. It really felt incredibly friendly to me, personal, and very engaging/enjoyable.

Also, I think it's really great that you hire high schoolers as LA's. I think it's tough to find a job at that age and the MLC was a fantastic opportunity. My first semester LAing was a little tough but I felt so much growth and confidence right away next semester. I appreciate all the extra effort with that as I think the professors have to get extra background checks and it's a bit of a hassle.

Also, worth mentioning is I kinda disliked math before calc1. I remember being really disorganized and things fell apart once related rates showed up. However, I really enjoyed my group in calc1 and Clifford and Davidson. I think that really helped me get invested and back on track. By the end I loved the experience and the class. I think being a first year student and not knowing the resources can make it stressful and harder to seek help. The LA program really helped with engagement and asking for help.

Really, it's an amazing program and I am so thankful for it!”






Chemistry II LA


“My experience as an LA for the past two semesters has helped build my confidence, professionalism, and ability to communicate effectively with peers. Being a dual-enrolled high school student, this had been one of my first work experiences and my first job at FAU, allowing me to build traits of responsibility, dependability, and allowed me to interact with faculty at FAU. I cherish the connections I have made with other LA's as well as dozens of students who I have had the opportunity to guide and help share my love for Chemistry with, and I am thankful for the endless support and guidance that has been provided by the LA team. Through my experiences working with students, I have also learned how to communicate effectively in a way that others can understand. I have seen first-hand how praise and encouragement builds confidence and how to speak in a way that others are receptive and understand the ideas spoken. It is rewarding to be able to pass on my love for Chemistry and to witness the moments where students can feel encouraged and confident in their abilities.”







Calculus I LA



“The LA program changed my outlook on how mathematics should be taught and communicated to the students learning it. As a student enrolled in Calculus 1, I was apprehensive about the semester because I never saw myself as a “math person.” What the LA program does for students that they otherwise would not receive is personalized learning in a collaborative setting. Immediately after a lecture, students may not fully understand the content, but multiple Learning Assistants are circulating around the classroom reinforcing concepts and stimulating group discussions. In addition, students are incentivized to attend office hours with the LA to go over mistakes on homework, prepare for upcoming exams, and review practice problems. After my first semester as a student in the LA program, I found Calculus to be the most engaging math class I’d ever taken. Dare I say, I considered myself to be a math person from then on.


As an LA for Calculus 1, the same class that changed my outlook on mathematics learning in a college environment, I sought to emulate the same strategies that my predecessors used to teach me and countless other students. In particular, guiding students on the right path to the answer without explicitly giving it to them helped me become a better teacher and helped the students ask better questions. This is a skill they will apply in the rest of their college classes and in their careers. Being an LA was particularly inspiring for me because I saw myself go from a shy student not wanting to answer questions in class one semester, to being the person who stimulates shy students to participate in class the next semester. Most importantly, I fell in love with math and understood the full potential that the Learning Assistant program had on undergraduate students. The LA Program should continue to be a model to improve outcomes in historically rigorous classes.”






Calculus I LA


“Being an LA literally changed my life. My initial plan was to take a couple of math classes and return to my previous university, FIU. Since my mother works at FIU, I could have been using her employee discount and getting 7 free credits per semester. However, after I was offered the job as an LA, I decided to give FAU a chance. After my first semester of being a full time student and an LA, I decided to stay at FAU. Unfortunately, FAU didn't accept a lot of my "foundation" credits from FIU (humanities, global citizenship, society and human behavior). This meant that by choosing to stay at FAU, I also had to take an extra semester of classes.


I chose to stay at FAU because I got to feel a sense of inclusion and my hard work literally paid off. I've been to four different universities and this is the first place that I felt like I was appreciated for more than just my tuition bill. Working as an LA for the past couple of years has kept me very sharp when it comes to math. As a mechanical engineering senior, I have been using derivatives and integrals for almost every semester and in every class after I initially took calculus 1. A few semesters ago, I heard that there might not be an LA program for the following semester and my first thought was "Maybe I'll go back to FIU and try and be an LA there then, I guess..." I had also considered working as a tutor, but being a tutor is a totally different thing than being an LA. Having tried both, I can say that being an LA, in my opinion, is way more interesting. There are worse things to try in college.”





Chemistry II LA


“Words don't really describe how much I've learned from being an LA, but here's my attempt at explaining what I love most about it :)


The LA program is the epitome of collaboration! I think the most effective way of understanding is to learn the same thing in three different ways. I consider the LA program to be a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to learning where students of all backgrounds contextualize information differently; put into a group setting, these students often share different methods of answering and understanding problems. There may be students who better understand the spatial/geometry aspects of chemistry or the calculative/systematic aspects, but when put together, the group functions as a cohesive unit. Connections are being made between courses and students are deliberately and critically evaluating how their course material overlaps. As an LA, I have the amazing opportunity to hear all of these perspectives, learn from them, and whatsmore, I am able to direct and share them with other students. I had a physics major last semester who understood the concept of net polarity in terms of forces cancelling each other out. This semester I was able to share this comparison to a group of physics-oriented students and the concept (that was previously challenging) clicked for them almost immediately. And in research and the real-world I am constantly reminded that this "broader knowledge" is an advantage. The LA program is a microcosm of how the real-world functions and truly furthers the implications of the material being taught!” 





Calculus I LA


“As a student in an LA course, the program has only been proven beneficial in all aspects. When I am in a group solving homework problems, knowing that I have an LA as a student mentor even if the professor was not available was always a relief. This scenario was important when I was stuck on homework problems. Being a Learning Assistant for the past semester and a half has been an absolute joy. Helping students with a difficult subject and seeing the “a-ha” moment in their faces means the world to me. Being there for students and giving them the extra leap of faith that they can not only do math, but enjoy it is very rewarding. As a student in the LA Program, I have acquired Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving skills because the questions that the LA’s would ask our group or hint at us would allow us to brainstorm together and figure out a solution rather than blatantly give out an answer. Likewise, as a Learning Assistant, I have also acquired Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills. When facilitating group work, noticing a problem between group members or the mistakes being made to solve a problem were essential components in ensuring student success. Making sure they would learn from their mistakes was very important, especially in a math class. In an online setting, allowing students the best ways to learn math was critical, as learning Calculus can be hard to learn for most. As a result of the LA program, we can allow this to happen. Overall, the LA Program at FAU only grants excellence through the best possible ways to learn a variety of subjects.” 



Calculus I LA


“Being an LA was not only to assist other students in learning, it also helped me in my own learning process. Being an Engineering major, lots of maths are to be studied and learned, and it would not be possible to do so without the right learning techniques. In the process of learning how to better assist students in their calculus class, I also picked up a lot of techniques and methods along the way that were useful for my process as a college student, as well as other endeavors in my life. Learning math can be hard, but so is learning how to program an autonomous monitoring system, which is what I do at my present job as a Project and Service Engineer for Böning Ship Automation. I firmly believe that the Learning Assistant program helped me prepare for harder things in life, like my job. I am confident that this program is beneficial to any and all daring students who take on this challenge. It is tough, as it is rewarding.”






Methods of Calculus LA


“My name is Brendan, I’ve been a tutor at the Math Learning Center/SAM lab for several years and have worked as both a learning assistant and a tutor. I feel like both are great jobs, but they do differ in some key respects and being a Learning assistant can arguably have a larger impact.


Students typically must find help on their own – via the math learning center. But some students are not always so motivated to do so and end up paying the price. The goal is to have as many students as possible succeed and having tutors available during lecture brings the help right to them. Also, it gives a different perspective/ learning style which might click better for them opposed to their professor. Learning assistants typically help with worksheets at the end of class- which is what happened when I was an LA for Calc 2. So, students have more opportunities to speak up and ask to questions/solidify the concepts in their minds. I feel as though students also get more comfortable with the thought of getting tutoring when being exposed to classes with LA’s and they might be more inclined to seek tutoring help in their future college careers. Being an LA and tutor has been a great experience and I’m glad I have had the opportunity to make an impact and help students preserve and succeed in math.”





Calculus II LA

“As a student, my experience with the LA program was honestly one of the best experiences I have had with a class thus far. On the first day of class, people were grouped randomly into four-person groups and we were given the opportunity to attend office hours and get help from the LA’s that really seemed to care about our experience and understanding of the concepts. The LA’s for our class motivated me to learn concepts, think critically, and work/discuss amongst my groupmates, making my experience in the class quite fun. In fact, the structure of the class helped me become friends with my group mates and stay in contact even after we had completed that class.


As an LA I hope to create a fun and dynamic learning environment in which the main goal is not only to help students succeed in their classes but to also help develop critical thinking skills and teamwork amongst other students.


That being said, being in a class that participates in the LA program helped me develop teamwork skills, communication skills, and the ability to think critically about subjects. As an LA, I can continue developing these skills while also gaining the unique experience of working with professors and my partner LA to better the learning experience of students and create an environment in which students are engaged in not just learning but also in the process of learning itself. Overall, I find being an LA to be a very fulfilling and positive experience.”











Methods of Calculus LA



“Being new in college, surrounded by people focused on themselves and their already impressive careers can make you feel very alone and helpless, but being in an LA course helped me realize that even though everyone around me has a completely different experience than my own, we can still share the same struggles and mutually benefit from working through them together. My LA course at FAU (Calc. I) was one of my favorite classes and having that group dynamic during my first semester really shifted my mindset to being open to asking for help from those around me, and I may not have graduated without that. In addition, I had just moved to a new city like many other freshmen, and the friendships I made with my group partners were extremely valuable to my health and wellbeing throughout my time at FAU. For these reasons, I think the LA program should be an essential experience as a student at FAU.


Being an LA has been the best job I've ever had! Being an LA gives me the ability to improve myself every single day by practicing all of the skills relevant to being a successful LA. Additionally, working for the university as a student saved a very significant amount of daily stress compared to an off-campus job, which has a great effect on one's daily life.


I think that being an LA helped me develop every one of the workplace competencies during pedagogy/training.


I think that both being an LA and being in an LA course helped me greatly develop Teamwork/Collaboration, Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, and Global/Intercultural Fluency as those skills are all integral to the LA program and used consistently throughout the course.


I think that both being an LA and being in an LA course helped me develop Professionalism/Work Ethic because you had to stay current with the material/work to be able to genuinely contribute to the discussion as both a student and an LA.”








Chemistry II LA


“I took it upon myself to update my resume using the skills we achieved from being an LA. Here are a few benefits that I felt I should mention:

  • Establishing efficient time and workload management, while punctually holding weekly virtual meetings for over thirty students. 
  • Guiding and facilitating discussion amongst students to encourage completion of tasks. Acted as a mentor to students by encouraging them to use their strengths to achieve common goals.
  • Presented exceptional written and oral skills through teamwork and collaboration with colleagues and students. Created and hosted meetings with my colleagues to discuss weekly material preparations for students. Articulated my thoughts and ideas in weekly meetings, and relaying that information to my students.
  • Assisted students in analyzing issues, making decisions, and overcoming any problems they have with course material.
  • Aiding students in becoming independent learners by assisting with the development of their critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence and ability to solve problems on their own.
  • Support students individually with understanding content by helping them develop the skills necessary for learning: providing subject-area knowledge and mentoring students on the strategies, techniques, and attitudes needed for successful mastery of the material.

I absolutely loved being an LA and was glad I had the opportunity to experience working in such a position!”





Calculus I LA



“As a former LA, I would like to start off with my experiences with the program itself as a student. As a student of both Calculus 1 and General Chemistry 2, these courses were really challenging at first. However, with the help from my LAs, I knew how to approach the content of the course, and I was able to ace these two courses pretty comfortably. As an LA, I was able to develop essential workplace skills such as leadership and work ethic skills. Whenever my groups were stuck on a particularly challenging chemistry problem, I had to step up and guide them to the right thought process. Despite the amount of time it may take, the program also helped develop my patience skills and that the only result that matters at the end is whether the students understand the concepts and material fluently. This job also helped me develop my work ethic skills, in which it taught me valuable time management skills. It forced me to work carefully with my time, and that none should go to waste as any time lost may detriment my student's understanding of the material as a result. The students also benefit from this program. Since it is so interactive, group members work effectively together and retain more knowledge by working together. Studies have even shown that collaborative group work is more effective with the retention of course material than other traditional study methods. This LA program is without a doubt the best program (in my opinion) for teaching students new material, as the LAs and students are so connected by working together for long periods of time, unlike other methods of tutoring.”






Intro to Calculus with Applications LA



“My name is Leon, and I have had the honor to serve as a learning assistant since the Fall of 2019. Before attending FAU, I had never heard of the term "learning assistant" and thought it was some form of teaching assistant; after taking my first course with a learning assistant, I realized that my assumption was wrong. Unlike teaching assistants, LAs do not aid in helping the professor teach; rather, LAs aid the students in their understanding of course material. I started attending FAU in the Spring of 2019 and since then have taken several courses with, and without, learning assistants. It is only when a learning assistant is present that I feel most confident in my success within that course. With a learning assistant present, I can seek help from a student who successfully passed the course.

As a learning assistant, I have the opportunity to work with students and help them overcome their struggles with mathematic topics. In truth, I only accepted the position because the pay, and hours, were much better than my current part-time job; however, as I worked with students and helped them understand course topics, I noticed how I came to enjoy teaching and it soon became less about the pay and more about the students. As a learning assistant, I have worked with many students and encouraged them to be their better selves, shown them that it does not take a math genius to solve a given problem, and enabled them to change their mindset when faced with these seemingly overwhelming problems.”



Calculus I LA


“The LA program is integral to our students' success at FAU. As a student, my LAs enhanced my educational experience, allowing me to thoroughly understand the material and participate in discussions that I wouldn't have had otherwise. As an LA myself, I saw the value in mentoring students and how much I impacted them through the assistance we provide. I can say with confidence that the LA program has changed my life—and so many other students'—for the better. Without a doubt, the LA program is the highlight of my education, and it's effectiveness is a stark reminder of it's value to our students.”




Calculus I LA

“I enjoy LA courses far more than non-LA courses because of the extra support provided. I feel as though I learn much better in LA courses, especially considering the LAs have a student perspective, so they can provide useful advice for studying or understanding concepts.

To be an LA means to have a desire to help students learn, to facilitate small group learning, and to grow your own math skills by assisting others.


Being an LA has taught me both professional and interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication, and technological competency. Though I have only been an LA for the past two months, I feel as though I have grown into the role of a coach for other students; this job has taught me important leadership skills such as confidence, active listening, and responsibility.”





Chemistry II LA


“Being an LA helped me develop many of the core competencies but specifically, teamwork and oral and written communication. As a LA, I not only had to work with my supervisors and fellow LAs but with my students as well. My LAs and I would always collaborate together to find the best way to present a topic as well as help each other out with concepts that were challenging to us. Over the semester, I saw my students have the opportunity to develop this competency as the Learning assistant model encourages students to collaborate. They learned how to come together use what each other knows to solve the task at hand.  Being an LA also helped me develop my oral and written communication skills. It was my responsibility to deliver the information in a way the students will understand and learn. All students learn differently so that forced me to develop different ways of presenting information to convey the same message.” 










Student in LA course(s)



“My name is William, and This is how the LA program helped me learn.

1.     Support. I was never disheartened by the idea that I was alone in my quest to learn the material. There was always someone looking over my shoulder who I knew had my back if I had a question or got stuck on a problem (whether teacher, LA, or classmate).

2.     Team building. The LA program inspires students to work together to achieve their goals. We all got to know each other as motivated individuals who all wanted the same end goal, to learn the material. We were in class together, studied together, laughed together, and cheered each other on as we all finished the test with grades better than we could have on our own. You never needed to worry about not having someone to study with or not knowing who to ask for help. As corny as it sounds, we all became quite family-like and all still communicate on some level. This communication leads into the next point

3.     Networking. Students who get to know each other on a personal level are guaranteed to make long-lasting friendships which can be advantageous in procuring an internship or job through recommendation. It is also a good means for picking partners for final projects.

4.     Upper Classmen/women. Talking with the upperclassmen/women who are the LA’s that already made it through the class is always a great experience because it gives you a perspective of what is to come and that can help make the future (often a quite frightening one in the case of a STEM degree) a whole lot less unknown.

5.     Quick fixes. With an LA helping you as you learn, they can call you out on your mistakes as soon as they happen. Not only is this a phenomenal advantage because it helps ease the frustration of not knowing why you are having trouble, but it makes it almost impossible for bad habits to take root. Once you reinforce the correct neurological pathway in the brain, it becomes a lot easier for it to become cemented in one’s way of thinking and thus makes it easier to transition onto the next subject without leaving any loose ends on the previous.

6.     LA advantage. The LA’s are at an advantage as well because they have the opportunity to cement the course material in their minds by repeated exposure. The students who have worked as LA’s have always been the strongest I know in the material they have worked in.

7.     My wishes? I would have been completely elated to know that this program was available for my other courses. Advanced math, physics, biology, chemistry, etc. are by no means intuitive things for humans to understand, thus it takes a great deal of time to truly grasp what is required to move on. All too often I have known no one in a class, had no teaching assistants of any kind, and had a professor who was not very responsive (to conversation, email, or otherwise). These situations result in hours or even days of working on a subject and not accomplishing anything. To have a clear support network from the very beginning for all my classes would have made life so much easier and the material significantly easier to understand.” 







Student in LA course(s)


“Hello, my name is Alex, and I am a computer science major at Florida Atlantic University. I’ve experienced many forms of teaching and classes. This fact is especially true right now with COVID-19. However, two of my best experiences, while taking my online classes have been through Calculus 1 and 2 with the LA system in place. It has brought, in my perspective, an added measure of warmth compared to my other classes during a very atypical and less social period. The LAs that presided over us during my math courses were always affable and well mannered. In both of my classes one hour was separated for learning the concepts of a particular section. The second hour was for getting into groups to figure out the material. The LAs played a strong role in helping us constructively come up with solutions for our work, which helped tremendously in reinforcing the material that would later appear in our exams. We could go message them almost whenever and get help whenever a topic proved particularly troublesome. This was something I appreciated a lot, because I often have time conflicts when it comes to going to office hours for my other courses. In both classes I’ve always managed to get help at one point or another.

This is a small amount of what they did, because there were times they also hosted reviews outside of class or let students go to their hours to review problems they messed up in their homework to possibly get a few points for class and more. Compared to other classes, much of what I learned in Calculus 1 is solidified in my mind and is proving useful for my Physics 1 and Calculus 2 requirements. However, something I personally valued about this system compared to others, is, as someone who normally prefers working on his own, these are the first two courses I felt very comfortable going to office hours for help. Since the LAs were also students it felt easier to communicate due to them going through similar experiences in their own degrees. I more actively went to search for assistance when I needed it and always left feeling more prepared to return to my classwork. This system provides an extra level of depth to the classroom. I’d love to experience more of it in other classes.”






Peyton, Student in LA course(s)



“The Learning Assistants Program is one of the most defining features composed within

the Florida Atlantic University academic venture. The additional help and insights provided from former students of any given class has pushed me through success my first year. A prime example, of course, derives from the math course I took during the Fall 2020 semester with professor Brittanney Adelmann. The three LAs who were under Prof. Adelmann’s guidance were connected to our class every step of the way. During virtual group collaborations, the LAs would switch between break-out rooms in order to further assist us when needed. On a personal note, I have a difficult time with mathematics as both a conceptual and practical subject; however, the additional pre-exam reviews and personal insights provided from Prof. Adelmann’s assistants allowed me to pass the class. The exam reviews, especially, were a vital source of additional guidance during my time in the course.


In conclusion, the Learning Assistants Program at FAU provides an essential bridge

between the students who are destined to learn and the professors whom of which are dedicated to teaching them.”





Student in LA course(s)


“Firstly, I would like to mention that my experience with LA’s was before the Covid-19 pandemic, when all classes and meetings were in-person. I really appreciated that the LA’s were present in those classes. As someone who likes to correct their mistakes, it was great that I was able to explain my thought process for a problem and get feedback on where I made mistakes.  Most classes have 20-30 students so it would have been impossible for a single professor to have these types of discussions with individual students. Also, since college courses are on strict schedules, sometimes the length of the lecture was not long enough to pick up difficult concepts. Making the meetings with LA’s even more important. It gave me more time to discuss these concepts and work on examples, so I could truly comprehend what was being taught. Lastly I think LA's have an advantage over regular tutors because they are working directly with professors. Which allows them to instruct students on the main concepts that the professor is looking for. Ultimately, I think having dedicated LA’s makes it easier for students to get help when they are struggling.” 










Student in LA course(s)



“Information is useless without context. The truth is, the LA program gave me the opportunity to apply concepts from lecture. The value of the program rests on the teamwork from which it is established. There is an unspoken assumption made by students in a classroom: “I must know everything to be successful in this class, in this university, in life.” The practice of self-sufficiency is the definition of today’s ‘successful’ college student. In reality, this definition is a crippling mindset. It was the LA program which taught me the value of working together with other students towards a common goal.


The vitality of the group rested on the communication of ideas we understood, and more importantly, ideas we didn’t. Any time my group was stuck on a problem, we called the LA to guide us back towards the solution. Unlike tutoring, where there is a time gap between lecture, homework, and a session, the Las were a few steps away. As a result, learning through action and guidance through experience occurred in tandem.


Further, I experienced the value of explaining concepts to the other students. This action strengthened my own comprehension. If a non-traditional college student, such as myself, could recognized the value, I can only imagine the benefits the Las themselves receive through participating.


Therefore, my belief is that the LA program is not a means of hand-holding or enabling. It is a vehicle to effective communication between students, regardless of understanding, and a builder of the sincerest definition of academic excellence. As such, I was honored to participate as a student.”





Student in LA course(s)

"My experience in Dr. Adelmann's course was wonderful in itself, but the one aspect that made it such a successful learning experience was having multiple LA's. Sometimes I felt that I had a stupid question where I was completely embarrassed to ask the professor, since it has been gone over hundreds of times. In those times, I would go into the breakout room with some of my classmates and finally felt comfortable asking our LA, since they are also a student and I felt more comfortable. If I hadn't asked those questions, I can't say with confidence that I would have passed that course, and actually not only calculus, it goes for all my courses where we were provided a LA. Ironically, I am writing this email, right after I got done emailing one of my LA's about a course concern because I felt more comfortable speaking to a student than a professor. The LA's provide awesome ways to study for tough courses, give one on one attention to your concerns (sometimes even personal), they act as one extra resource for students to learn the material outside of a professors lecture, they provided a sense of normalcy and connectivity in a time where everything feels disconnected and lonely, and they also catch errors on the professor's behalf so students can learn information in the most accurate way possible. 


Looking at my college career, the one thing I wish FAU would have offered were more courses with LA's. Now, especially in a time where learning is remote, students should feel connected, comfortable, and get the best education possible with the help of LA's and professors."



Student in LA course(s)



“The courses supplemented with LA's have been a world of difference in my education and learning experience. I took Calculus 1, and I was able to succeed with the LA program's help. It truly personalized my learning experience, and I understood concepts more than in my past math classes. With the newfound challenge of online learning, the personalized, hands-on learning approach allowed me to adjust to learning in this difficult time. As a person who struggled with math, the LA program was a life-saver, and I hope that all classes in the future have the opportunity to participate in this program.”



Student in LA course(s)



“Hello my name is Evenson Augustin and I took Calculus 1 and 2 with the help of the LA program. The LA program helped me tremendously! The classes I took without the program lacked the sense of teamwork and understanding I had in Calculus 1 and 2. Being that the LA’s were students as well, who have already taken the course, it was really helpful to have another student talk you through a problem or misunderstanding. Being in an LA course definitely helped me develop a sense of teamwork/collaboration. The LA wouldn’t just come by and give out answers, they would help you work through the problems and act as a teammate that ultimately wanted to help you win.” 


Student in LA course(s)

“The LAs make me feel like more care and attention is given to this class than any other class I’m taking.”



Student in LA course(s)

“Working as a group helps me develop skills I will use as an engineer.”


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