On-Campus Interview Program

FAU provides employers the opportunity to interview FAU students and alumni on campus by providing six interview rooms at the Boca Raton campus and two interview rooms at the Davie campus. Click the navigation buttons below to view the information boxes.

  • How to Post an Interview Schedule
  • Catering Information for Faculty Luncheons


  1. Once you have a job posted, click interview on the left navigation bar
  2. Click the Request Interview Schedule tab in the upper right corner
  3. Fill out the basics section of the form
  4. Next click Timeline
  5. Select the date you are interested in interviewing on campus
  6. Select the time slots in which you would like to interview students
  7. Next, choose the job you would like to attach to this interview schedule
  8. When you are ready to move on select Review from the bottom tabs
  9. Last, select request

Managing My Schedules in Handshake

Once you receive a confirmation for your interview date, you may manage your schedules. To manage your schedules:

  • Go to Handshake Employer Login
  • Enter your username and password
  • Select "OCR Schedules" at the top of the menu
  • Click "Schedule List" for important changes
  • View "Schedule Timeline Changes" for imporant dates
  • Scroll down to view "Sessions" to check interview dates
  • Select link titled "Manage List" from the Preselect Activity
  • Review the student's information, and then select the Accepted radio button under the Status Selection column
  • Select the Submit push button (Do only one time)
  • After viewing the resumes, please e-mail the students to inform them if they have been preselected.
  • Monitor the schedule by selecting the interview date at the bottom of the schedule

Recruiting Timeline

The FAU Career Center offers two different ways on-campus interviewing can be set up for an employer. You can choose “Rooms Only” in which you use our on-campus interview suites to interview FAU students/alumni. If you select “Rooms Only,” you manage your own schedule and are required to give us your interviewee list the day before your interviews. The other option is the choose “Pre-Select” in which you use our on-campus interview suites to interview FAU students/alumni and we manage your interview schedule. In “Pre-Select,” students will submit their resumes to Handshake for your posted position(s). You select from that list which students you would like to extend an interview. Once the extension for the interview has been made, FAU staff will work with the students to select from the pre-selected interview time slots available to schedule their interviews. While FAU staff are much more hands on in “Pre-Select,” the no-show rate is generally lower than “Rooms Only.” Below is the time line for on-campus interviews:

  1. At least one month before desired on-campus interview date: visit Handshake to request on-campus interview date (both “Rooms Only” and “Pre-Select”)
  2. Four business days prior to interview date: preselects must be reviewed (“Pre-Select only)
  3. Three business days prior to interview date: Selections must be made by the employer (“Pre-Select only)
  4. One day prior to interview date: Schedules available (“Pre-Select only)

All questions should be directed to 561-297-3533.

Catering Information for Faculty Luncheons

Many employers would like access to FAU faculty to provide information about their company and opportunities for students and graduates. We would be happy to assist you in organizing a luncheon for faculty on the FAU campus. Please send your request to recruit@fau.edu providing a minimum of three weeks notice.

We will secure a room and you can arrange catering arrangements through our on campus vendor Chartwells at https://fau.catertrax.com/. Orders should be submitted one week prior to the interview date. The organization is responsible for submitting cancellations and for billing and payments. For questions regarding your order or menu contact Chartwells directly:

Boca Campus
Phone: (561) 297-3548

Jupiter McArthur Campus
Phone: (561) 799-8720

Davie Campus
Chartwells Catering not available
Contact the office regarding catering needs at 954-236-1214.
Catering order must be place within one week of luncheon.

 Last Modified 5/22/18