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The National Alumni Association, in collaboration with the FAU Career Center, provides current FAU undergraduate and graduate students (mentees) the opportunity to be mentored by an industry representative that shares similar academic and/or professional interests. This program was established to provide students (mentees) access to valuable resources that cannot be found in books. The goal of the Professional Mentoring Program is strictly informational and is not meant to be used as a means to find a job. Mentors register and create a profile on the OWL CareerLink. After completing registration, mentors will receive an email from the Career Center confirming we have activated your mentor profile along with more details. Once a mentee chooses a mentor, the mentee will make initial contact. A suggested schedule between the mentee and mentor is listed below:

These meetings can be held in person, via telephone, email or instant messenger. The purpose of these meetings is to build a foundation to strengthen the Mentee’s professional goals. Each meeting will revolve around a suggested theme:

Meeting 1: Emphasis is on assisting the student with self assessment.

  • Mentors are encouraged to share stories of undergraduate and graduate experiences related to academic coursework and/or professional development.
  • Mentors could help the Mentee develop an understanding of self (i.e. interests, skills, values, personal traits, and desired lifestyle) and how it applies to achieving his/her professional goals.
  • Mentors can assist the Mentee in understanding how his or her interests relate to various occupations, career fields in their industry, and the current job market.

Meeting 2: Career related discussion with an emphasis on the day-to-day business operations encountered by the Mentor.

  • Mentors are encouraged to conduct information interviews with their mentee

Meeting 3: Strategic discussion on the development of a career plan for the Mentee

  • Mentors may assist the mentee in exploring avenues for networking (i.e. professional associations, conferences, workshops etc.).
  • Mentors can suggest job hunting strategies to the mentee.
  • Mentors may offer assistance with resume and interviewing questions.

The mentee is looking forward to hearing from you and is excited about learning information on how you make informed career decisions. This is an opportunity to help the mentee explore fields of interest, potential career opportunities and a variety of industries.

To help you make the most of your experience, please read the sections below that describe how to properly handle each form of contact, once you and a mentee have decided to establish a relationship:

  1. Interviewing with the mentee in person:

    • The mentee will introduce himself/herself using the contact information (email and/or phone number) provided by the mentor. The mentee will ask to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for a meeting.
    • The mentee will ask for directions to the meeting location
    • The mentee will request (before the first meeting) information about the mentor’s company and/or obtain the company's website address so they can prepare for the visit.
    • The mentor should be contacted the day before the scheduled meeting to confirm details. (If, for any reason, the mentee is unable to follow through with an in-person meeting, they are required to notify the mentor immediately)
  2. Interviewing with the mentee by phone:

    • If the meeting will be held over the phone only, schedule a date and time to call that is convenient for both you and the mentee.
    • The mentee will request (before the first meeting) information about the mentor’s company and/or obtain the company's website address so they can prepare for the visit.
  3. Interviewing with the mentee by e-mail:

    • If the meeting will be held through e-mail, please provide a timely response to the mentee’s questions, inquiries, etc.

"Good advice costs nothing, and it’s always worth the price." - Allan Sherman

 Last Modified 11/8/16