Please share these details with your group prior to the program.

  1. Every participant must sign an Informed Consent/Release of Liability. A parent or legal guardian must sign the form for any participant under 18.
  2. All participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes (no crocs, flip flops, etc.)
  3. Participants should come dressed comfortably in clothes that allow plenty of movement for moderate physical activity. No loose jewelry (including watches, earrings, necklaces). No large or ornamental belt buckles.
  4. Participants must be at least 10 years old to participate in challenge course programs.
  5. Participants who are pregnant will not be allowed to participate in any climbing elements.
  6. No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs will be allowed to participate. FAU reserves the right to request a participant under the influence of drugs or alcohol to cease participation and leave the premises.
  7. Challenge Course Staff may be able to accommodate individuals with special challenges. If anyone in your group has a specific limitation that might interfere with their ability to participate, please contact program staff in advance.
  8. FAU Campus Recreation reserves the right to limit participation in its programs based on medical, safety, or other reasons.
  9. Participants must abide by all Challenge Course Staff directions and follow all established safety procedures and spotting regulations. Failure to do so may be cause to modify or cancel the event.
  10. No chewing gum, candy, chewing tobacco, or smoking is allowed.
  11. Keep off elements until instructed by Challenge Course Staff. Use elements only with approved spotters and safety systems.
  12. All programs with participants under the age of 18 years old must provide a responsible adult during the program

Recommended Items

  1. Water
  2. Small backpack to hold possessions
  3. Snacks or meals are the responsibility of the group unless otherwise agreed
  4. Rain gear – Even in rain is not expected
  5. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  6. Any needed medications (please inform Challenge Course Staff)


  1. Parking ePermits are required and may be purchased online at  Any parking citations are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. 
  2. Please park in LOT 12 in designated spaces
  3. To avoid a ticket, park your vehicle head in - Do not back into spaces.
 Last Modified 1/28/19