Bringing OWL Life Online

Published Thursday, April 30, 2020

Broward Campus Life FAU Broward Campus Life successfully launched its virtual programming for students online, presenting a number of varied interactive events and service projects created and enjoyed by students, faculty and staff alike.

"Our virtual programming began the last week of March 2020 and will continue for the foreseeable future as it has enriched our offerings to all of the students whom we serve," said Nori Carter, Director of Student Services & Campus Life for the Broward Campuses.

Playthings for Pups was the first service project that took place March 31.  Students joined Rahjanni Iusi and Bianca Desir, of Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI) on Instagram to learn how to make chew-toys for dogs out of t-shirts.  The newly made chew-toys will be donated to a local shelter when the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine ends. "I enjoyed connecting and engaging with students through the use of a virtual platform," said Iusi.

Pictures with Pets was an event led by Broward Campuses Governor Melissa Carasa where students joined Broward Student Government in sharing photos of their pets with each other.

"During the event students were encouraged to tag us in pictures of their pets. These pictures were added to a hashtag #petpics2020 and highlighted on our @fau.bsg  Instagram story for all to enjoy, Carasa said. “What I enjoyed most was seeing everyone's amazing pets and reflecting on the joy animals give us during such a difficult and stressful time."  

Ready Set Go -- Virtual 5K was where students trained to participate in a Virtual 5K that they do on their own. "We had an Instagram Live where we spoke about the different steps to be able to do the 5K," said Broward Student Program Board Director Beatriz Egui who worked with Campus Recreation Operations Specialist Lindsey Wieselthier. "Lindsey provided tips on how to run properly, running for the first time, and what to do before and after the run."

Off the Page with Dr. Angela Rhone allowed the esteemed College of Education professor to continue the popular discussion group she has with students using well-known or current literary works, only this time it was over the internet instead of over coffee at the FAU Davie Student Union.  The event was created by Dr. Rhone and Sheri Reid, Campus Life Student Assistant and sponsored by Campus Life.  

Broward Campus Life

"Off the Page is an interactive forum where students and other members of the FAU community share their thoughts through deep discussion on interesting topics that are relevant to today's society," Dr. Rhone said. “In a supportive environment, students can explore issues and themes that are not always openly discussed and they can do this without feeling burdened by criticisms or the confines of a classroom."

Events that are coming up in the months ahead include topics such as origami, thank a hero, cultural cooking, summer games for the mind and body, and a do it at home series.  

Carter shared, "We miss seeing our students in person and encourage all to stay connected to Owl Life on the Broward campuses by sending their e-mail to or following Campus Life on Instagram @faubrowardcl , Facebook at FAU Broward Campus Life or Twitter @faubrwdcl. "


 Last Modified 4/30/20