The Department of Theatre and Dance is pleased to announce our fall production workshop series.  While we will not be returning to the theatre this fall, we have created a series of workshops to help develop performance skills.  All workshop rehearsals will be held online in Canvas and Zoom formats.

Any student with limited access to resources such as internet or cameras, should note this on their audition form so the department can assist in acquiring resources for you to participate.

The department will require all MFA and BFA students to submit auditions for the fall productions. The department encourages all students to do your best to submit a vocal audition.  If you are very uncomfortable with this portion of the submission, you do not need to submit.

The following workshops will be presented, and require an  audition to enter the workshops: 

Workshop audition information: 

Girls in the Wood Book and lyrics by Deborah Zoe Laufer; Music by Daniel Green 

Rehearsal Dates:  9/7-10/2 M-F Evenings 

Director: Desmond Gallant 

Musical Director: Caryl Fantel 

8 Women/2 Men 

This is a workshop development process for a new musical that will be premiered in the 2021 school year. The focus of this show will be reading and workshopping the script and selected songs from the musical.    


TBA Production 

Rehearsal Dates: 9/28-10/23 M-F Evenings 

Director: Elizabeth Price 

Up to 5 Women/5 Men 

This is a workshop development process focusing on how to use Zoom for performance. Through this show, we will be focusing on how to perform with scene partners, configure your performance space, configure lighting and camera angles to support your work. 


Intimate Apparel Lynn Nottage 

Rehearsal Dates: 10/28-11/23 M-F Evenings 

Director: Kathryn Johnston

4-5 Female-identifying; 2-3 Male-identifying

This is a workshop process focusing on the aural space created by speech, voice, and music and how the performer can hone the skills to enhance the performance and storytelling. 


Audition requirements: 

Please prepare:                

A Headshot and resume 
A pre-recorded 90-second contemporary comedic monologue  
16 Bars of a contemporary song set to music.  A cappella will not be accepted.  If you do not have music without vocals, a selection of songs with pre-recorded tracks will be provided for you in the Canvas Module. 
To Audition: 

Email Liu ( and she will add you to a Canvas section to upload your content.  Cast breakdowns will be listed, and directions in the module on how to upload your audition information, how to record your monologue and song, character descriptions, and how to prepare a headshot and resume should you not have one prepared. 

For more information, please contact Kathryn Johnston (