Faculty in FAU’s College of Arts and Letters Stepping up to Help Make Personal Protection Equipment

Arts and Letters Faculty make Personal Protection Equipment

by P Burks | Monday, Apr 06, 2020

Nick Jones, the costume shop manager for FAU’s Department of Theatre, along with his friends, Sam and Catherine Transleau, recently started making muslin face masks when they learned about the million mask challenge. This challenge was organized to encourage donations of masks to fill shortages in health care organizations around the country. In that first week, Jones and his friends were able to make about 250 masks, which were sent to the University of Washington hospital system in Seattle for distribution. This week they will drop off masks at Joanne’s Fabrics, which is making local South Florida donations to anyone who is in need of masks. 

“Sam and I both have at-risk family members and friends and family who work in healthcare,” said Jones. “It feels awesome to be making a difference in this hard time.”

Julie Ward, assistant professor of visual arts and art history, is using a 3D printer to make visors that hold face shields for health care workers. Technical Training Aid sent Ward the file, which takes about one hour and 45 minutes to make each visor. Ward is searching out a place that could use them, and is willing to send them wherever they are needed. 

“I think we’re all looking for something positive to do now,” said Ward. “I’ll keep making them as long as I can.”