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Mission Statement

~BOCA~ is the brain child of graduate linguistics students at Florida Atlantic University. We needed a venue to channel our interests and to share them with others, thus Florida Atlantic University Linguistics Society, FAULS /faʊlz/ came about. Through our meetings, we came to the realization that our wide range of interests is a reflection of the current state of linguistic studies. FAULS decided to create and sponsor a linguistics journal that would reflect such a kaleidoscope of interests and opinions.

~BOCA~ is the result of the diversity that has always represented both South Florida and the field of linguistics. The unique cultural and linguistic composition of South Florida has provided an intriguing and palpable back-drop for our linguistic studies; and, it is our mission to provide a journalistic forum that mirrors this distinctive structure. We hope that the diversity of this journal will stimulate discussion throughout the many subfields of linguistics, and lead to the kind of informed debate that will push all of us into new directions in our own research.

~BOCA~ is a publication that was conceived as a forum for all linguistic fields. Our bi-annual publication features one issue dedicated to broad topics in linguistics, and a second issue focused on one area of linguistic study. This publication is intended to spark scholarly dialogue among the different disciplines, and is thus a reflection of the diversity of work being produced at the graduate level of linguistic study. We welcome papers for publication from linguists (professionals or students) in any language, provided we can find an appropriate editor.

Editorial Board

  • Kristyl Kepley, Editor

    Kristyl Kepley is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University and the co-founding editor of BOCA. She is the Humanities Coordinator and assistant professor of English at Georgia Military College in Columbus, GA. Her research interests include creole development, sociolinguistic variation, language contact and the evolution of language.

  • Doly Arazi, Associate Editor

    Mrs. Doly Arazi came to USA 7 years ago from Argentina with her family (husband and two kids). In order to be able to teach again she went back to school and got her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a Certificate in Latin American Studies from FAU. There she discovered a new passion: Linguistics. Now she is a Spanish teacher working towards her Master’s degree in Linguistics from FAU. Her mayor interests are language variation and second language acquisition.

  • Dr. Carolina M. Seiden, Editorial Coordinator

    Dr. Carolina M. Seiden is a language teacher in South Florida. She is a founding member of FAULS and enjoys the opportunity to explore all aspects of language and language study. Dr. Seiden is one of the founding editors of BOCA, The South Florida Journal of Linguistics. She got her Master’s in linguistics and PhD in Comparative Studies (Literatures, Literacies & Linguistics) at Florida Atlantic University. Her research interests include second language acquisition, culture in language learning, and heritage speakers’ instruction.

  • Dr. Robert Trammell, Faculty Advisor

    Dr. Robert Trammell is a professor of General Linguistics and Educational Linguistics (ESL and Reading). He received his B.A. degree from Louisiana State University in English Literature. At Cornell University he earned both his Masters and Ph.D. degrees with minors in Psycholinguistics and Romance Linguistics. He teaches a variety of Undergraduate and Graduate courses such as Introduction to Linguistics, Contrastive Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, and Sociolinguistics. He also teaches courses such as Applied Linguistics and TESOL (ESL), Linguistics and Reading, African American Vernacular English, and Language, Government and Education. His areas of interest and research are: African American English, the learning of standard English by nonstandard speakers, different pronunciations in talking dictionaries, linguistics and the teaching of reading. Dr. Trammell has published in articles in a number of well know journals such as the French Review, The Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Language Learning, and American Speech. His work has also been published in Russia and China (in translation). Finally, he is the faculty advisor to the students’ FAU Linguistics Society (FAULS).


~BOCA~ appreciates the support of FAULS, Dr. Robert Trammell, Dr. Michael Horswell, The department of Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literatures at FAU, local businesses, and everyone in the world for speaking.

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