Animals at FAU

Starting Fall 2017

Starting in Fall 2017, Florida Atlantic University will officially be an animal-friendly university. FAU prides itself on Unbridled Ambition® and forward thinking, constantly pushing the limits of traditional college living. Rather than becoming a pet-friendly school, FAU has chosen to open its doors to all animals, encouraging students, faculty and staff to bring any kind of pet with them to campus. The presence of animals has been proven to decrease stress levels, which the University hopes will improve performance, productivity and overall happiness. In preparation for the policy change, facilities will be revamped to accommodate our furry, feathered, and scaled friends. Improvements include;

Animal meal plans
On-campus Veterinarian
On-campus Groomers
Special Activities

All animals must have a valid Owl Card to be on campus

On-Campus Additions


On-Campus Aviary

A unmonitored bird enclosure available on the Boca Raton campus.


15 Cat Trees

Number of cat trees that will be available across FAU campuses *Final locations are to be decided.

Hamster - photo cred, Dan Derrett

1,000 ft of tubing

Hamster tubing will run along
walkways and buildings.

Animals allowed on campus

All registered FAU students, faculty and staff are eligible to bring a maximum of two pets onto any of Florida Atlantic University's six campuses. All animals will be allowed on campus. That means animals of any size, whether they are tall or small. They can have eight legs or no legs. The animals can have fur, feathers, scales, shells or a combination. Owners are responsible for their animals’ well-being and behavior. Owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their animals while on campus in order to maintain a sanitary campus environment.

All animals MUST have proof of obedience training; be house, potty, or litter box trained; and share well with others. Animal owners must carry an FAU Owl Card for each of their pets at all times while the animal is present on campus.

All animals are welcome!

dog paco

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