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Pathways To FAU

FAU Decision Process

On both the FAU and Common App applications, students select their preferred term of entry—either summer, fall or spring. They are automatically considered for all admissions pathways and all terms. Therefore, student need only submit one application.  Students are admitted for the term and program for which they qualify.

The Office of Admissions recalculates all high school grade point averages for applicants based on academic courses in English, Math, Science, Social Sciences and Foreign Language. Academic electives, strength of schedule, and course rigor (AP, IB, AICE, Dual Enrollment) are all considered as a part of the evaluation process.

Description of admissions pathways

Fall Admission

This is our most competitive term for entry. 

Fall 2020 middle 50% admitted student profile:
3.8 – 4.48 GPA
1120 – 1260 SAT / 22 – 27 ACT 

Engineering Bridge Program

FAU will admit, to the summer (June 28 - August 6) or fall term, pre-engineering students who are not yet prepared for college calculus and who demonstrate a capacity to be successful in college level coursework. The College of Engineering and Computer Science provides academic success and career readiness support to engage students both inside and outside of the classroom with faculty, staff, and licensed engineers.

Fall 2020 middle 50% admitted student profile:
3.25 – 3.79 GPA
1080 – 1200 SAT / 21 - 24 ACT

Jump Start (June 28 - August 6)

To provide many incoming freshmen students with the best opportunity for success during the traditional fall semester, we admit selected students to our Jump Start program. Students begin this pathway in the summer term. If they complete the summer successfully, then they progress to the fall term as full-time. (Note: Students are offered admission to summer (June 28 - August 6), or fall based on their overall academic profile. The entering term is not negotiable.)

Summer 2020 middle 50% admitted student profile:
3.4 – 3.82 GPA
1040 – 1150 SAT / 20 - 23 ACT

Academic Success Pathway 

The Academic Success Pathway (formerly the Early Start Program), offers success workshops and specialized advising while easing the transition from high school to college courses. Students offered admission for the summer term begin by taking the usual 6-credit load, and continue into the fall term part time (taking fewer than 12 credits). Students who are offered admission for the fall term typically enroll in 11 credit hours (less than 12 credits are required, so part-time). Students who successfully manage their course load begin taking classes full-time (12 or more credits) in the spring. The financial aid offer will be based on full-time enrollment. Most financial aid offers will be prorated down if you are enrolled less than full-time. Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor to review how your enrollment impacts your aid or use the Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator  online.

Students are offered admission to summer or fall based on their overall academic profile. The entering term is not negotiable.

Students in the Academic Success Pathway are 100% FAU students – able to participate in the majority of FAU sponsored activities and events. Students interested in joining a fraternity/sorority organization are eligible and encouraged to participate in intake and primary recruitment in their first fall (or spring) semester. While some fraternities/sororities, particularly in NPHC and UGC, require a certain number of credits to be completed prior to joining, others that allow first-semester freshmen with no completed credits to join, such as in IFC and CPA, only require degree-seeking enrollment, not a particular number of credits. Contact for more information.

Academic Success Pathway middle 50% of the 2020 admitted student profile:
3.00 – 3.42 GPA
1010 – 1110 SAT / 19 – 22 ACT

Spring Admission

In many cases, FAU admits a limited number of students who will begin their course work during the spring term. You can take classes at one of the Florida State Colleges in the fall as long as you do not exceed 11 credit hours prior to enrolling at FAU. You will be required to submit a transcript from all colleges and universities attended.


Students who want to earn their Associate of Arts (AA) degree at another Florida State College can join the LINK to FAU program to get automatic admission to FAU. While enrolled at one of our partner Florida State Colleges, you can enjoy many of the benefits of an FAU student and can work with a transfer advisor to prepare for completing pre-requisite coursework and admission to an FAU major.

Learn more about LINK


Admissions Pathways FAQ's

Can I move directly to fall admission if I have new test scores or have improved my GPA?  

Any student that meets our Fall 2020 admissions criteria is welcome to change their entry term to the fall. Students who do not meet the requirements for the summer or fall terms must begin at FAU in the Summer 2020 term in a pathway. These requests will be considered after February 1st after the receipt of official fall grades.

What is the estimated cost of attendance for FAU?  

All pathway students are required to enrolled part time (maximum 11 credits) for the Fall. In addition to tuition and fees, you may also need to consider additional expenses, such as Housing and a meal plan. For FAU's Cost of Attendance information, click here.

Can I pick my own classes?  

All pathway students wil be advised on course selection, based on prerequisites for their intended field of study.

Do my credits count toward my degree?  

Yes, all credits count toward your degree.

Do I have to take 11 credits? What if I want to take more or fewer credits?  

Pathway students cannot enroll in more than 11 credits in the fall.

When will I know what classes I can take and how do I get registered?  

Students who participate in all pathway programs will receive assistance for registration from their academic advisor. Students must complete online advising (OARS) and remove all registration holds (including immunization and orientation). OARS opens in March 2020.

What happens if I don’t attend FAU in fall or if I don’t pass the classes?  

Students who don't successfully complete their pathway, will not be permitted to continue enrollment.

Is living on campus mandatory?  

First-year students who live outside of 30 miles from the Boca Raton campus are required to live in University Housing. Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and we do expect spaces to be filled quickly. Student are encouraged to complete their housing application by May 1st. The housing application portal becomes available on Decemeber 1st for admitted students.

If I participate in the Academic Success Pathway will I still be on track for a 4-year graduation plan? 

Yes – this is entirely possible! Students are part-time only in their first fall semester. This is designed to allow for adjustment to the rigors of college life and college coursework. Once students successfully complete fall term they will be full-time in each semester thereafter. Students in a Pathway essentially take 3 fewer credits in the fall term (1 class) than full-time students. Most degree plans require 120 credits to graduate. Students can easily adjust their schedule throughout their FAU career to recoup the credits.

I have been admitted into (Academic Success or Engineering Bridge Program) and have received a scholarship outside of FAU requiring full time enrollment. I will not be full time during the fall semester due to the program requirements. Does this mean I cannot use my scholarship? 

Please contact Tracy L Boulukos, Assistant Vice President Financial Aid and New Student Services, at and she will reach out to the donor of your scholarship and request flexibility with the full time enrollment requirement. We cannot guarantee an exception will be granted.


Questions? We Give A Hoot!

For more information about the admissions process, contact the following:

Department Contact Phone Number Email
Undergraduate Admissions Mitchel Baccinelli 561-297-4513
Housing and Residential Education Stacy Mosley 561-297-2880
New Student Orientation Jordan Dipentima 561-297-2733
Tuition & Fees Payment Controller’s Office 561-297-3100
EZ Advising
(Online Academic Advising)
University Advising Services 561-297-3064