About Us

Our primary function is to provide management, the University community, and the Board of Trustees with traditional internal audits, non-criminal investigations, and management advisory services.

Organizationally, the department is within the Office of the President with the Inspector General reporting directly to the President and indirectly through the Finance and Audit Committee to the Board of Trustees. This reporting structure ensures relative independence of auditors to effectively carry out their function.

The Office of the Inspector General prepares an annual audit plan based on risk factors deemed by the Inspector General, and management to cover significant functions, programs, and operations of the University. The annual plan typically includes internal audits and management advisory services determined through risk analysis and planning with management. Annually, the Inspector General's Office issues a report on activities of the office for the preceding fiscal year ended June 30th.

As with any profession, maintaining a current level of competence is imperative. Our auditors are required by government auditing standards to complete 80 hours of biennial professional continuing education, 24 hours of which must be related to governmental accounting and auditing. Additional planning and direction of OIG activities is accomplished through formal and informal communication between the Inspectors General and the State of Florida Auditor General's staff.

If you wish to communicate with the auditors contact our office at 7-3682 (internal calls) or 1-561-297-3682 (external calls).


Reuben Iyamu, MBA, CIA, CFE, CIGA
Inspector General
Responsible for the overall planning, direction, and management of the OIG.
Joseph Kuruc, CFE, CIA,
Audit Services/Investigations Administrator
Assist the Inspector General in managing the office activities and operations, and also conducts audits, management reviews, and investigations.
Allaire Vroman
Conducts audits, management reviews, and investigations as directed by the Inspector General. FAU Employment: September 2004.

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