FAU iSucceed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can/should take this course?

All first-year students who are starting in one of FAU’s Summer Pathway programs or who enroll in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) during the Fall semester (see below) will be enrolled in SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed during their summer semester.


What will I learn in this course?

Upon completion of this program, you will:

  • Define your academic, personal and career goals. 

  • Assess your talents and consider how you can develop them into strengths through skill practice. 

  • Identify on-campus resources and opportunities that can help you achieve your desired goals. 

  • Develop a deeper sense of connection to the FAU community. 

  • Plan and prioritize commitments and activities in such a way that you promote your well-being and success. 

  • Create an academic and co-curricular plan for future semesters. 

  • Build self-awareness to make a successful transition to the university. 


What topics will I be learning?

  • Course Introduction & Getting Familiar with FAU

  • Planning and Managing Your Time

  • Discovering Your Character Strengths

  • Mindset - Our Beliefs about Ability and Intelligence

  • Motivation and Goal Setting

  • Using Metacognition & Study Strategies for Success at FAU

  • Planning for Success


What do you mean by a 0-credit course?

FAU iSucceed will appear on your transcript just like any other course, but is not included in your credit count.  This benefits you in two ways: the course is free, you do not pay tuition* or purchase a text book; and it doesn’t limit the credits you have to complete your major or take other electives that interest you.
*You only need to pay a $30 distance learning fee for this course.

How do I enroll in this course?

FAU Staff will register you for this course once your EZ Advising submission is approved and before the semester begins.


What if I have already take a study skills or SLS course?

This course is different than any other course you have even taken.  You will learn about yourself and how you can achieve your goals at FAU.  Even if you have previous credit or have been enrolled in this type of course previously, you will still be required to take SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed.


How will I be graded in this course?

Students will be graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis. Your grade will be determined by completion of 7 modules within Canvas and the completion of all included assignments.  The grade in this course will not affect your GPA; however, it will appear on your transcript. You must earn at least 60 points in the course to earn a Satisfactory “S” in the course. 


If I join a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) for the Fall semester, will I need to take SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed?

The FIG @ FAU program starts in the Fall semester and is available for students who start FAU in both the Summer and Fall semesters.  If you enrolled in the summer semester and successfully completed SLS 1410, you will not need to repeat the on-line lessons through FAU iSucceed, but you will still participate in all of the face-to-face classes in your college-specific FIG.  You will earn 1-credit with the successful completion of both courses (the FIG Course and FAU iSucceed). 


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Dr. Carole Lachs, Associate Director, Office of Academic Success Initiatives
Director, FAU iSucceed