FIGS @ FAU Program List



FAU has a FIG for almost every college. 

Only students with a declared major in the sponsoring college will be able to register for a FIG.  If you are still decifing on your major, you can join any FIG that has an "*" next to its name. 

To join a FIG, you will register yourself for your college-sponsored FIG, using the registration information, including course schedules, found on the FIG Registration Information page.

Open to Students in Any Major or College

*Explorations in Diversity

FAU prides itself on having the most diverse student body in the state university system.  At FAU, we believe that a varied collection of thoughts and experiences enriches what can be learned in this community.  In this FIG, we will examine and celebrate multiple aspects of human diversity including, but not limited to, race-ethnicity, place of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and (dis)ability.  

Pre-Health Professions

FAU’s Pre-Health Professions FIG offers students the opportunity to develop the skills and credentials needed to successfully complete the requirements for admission to medical school and other health-profession programs. This course will allow students to demonstrate academic excellence, understand the knowledge and commitment to the profession, and develop strong interpersonal skills. One of the main goals of the class is to assist students in developing a balanced approach with respect to their academics, and health-related out-reach/volunteering. Open to all first-year students whose future goals include graduate or professional study in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.

College of Arts and Letters

*Arts & Letters

The humanities, social sciences, and the arts give us tools to understand, explain, and express what it means to be human - from the personal level to the experiences of entire cultures.  In this FIG, we will explore how our past shapes our present and use creativity and questioning to imagine the future.  Current events and societal trends will be explored through the lens of the College’s majors.  Open to all first-year Arts & Letters majors. 

Pre-Business FIG: Exploring Majors, Minors, and Careers in the World of Business

The College of Business (COB) encourages all new students to enroll in the Pre-Business FIG taught by an expert COB faculty member who will help you build an academic learning map to lead you to help you find a job during college and a successful career post-graduation. You will be introduced to a variety of careers in business, be exposed to resume and interviewing techniques, explore majors and minors, career learn tools for effective internship, job, and career searches, general practices and procedures to help you successfully enter the College of Business in your junior year. Academic advising and "best practices" for first-year business students are infused throughout this 8-week course. This course is open to ALL first-year College of Business Pre-business and Business majors.

Social Work and Criminal Justice FIGS

*Social Work and Criminal Justice FIG

Students in this FIG will have the opportunity to explore the fields of Social Work and Criminal Justice. People in these fields often work together and you will have the opportunity to do so in this FIG. These fields both seek to understand the nature and justice in society. Successful people in these fields need to manage their time effectively, work with diverse people, and use relational, analytical, and critical thinking skills to best meet the needs of the people they are serving. This FIG introduces these skills and others to help you make a successful transition into FAU and your furture career. Open to all first-year Criminal Justice and Social Work majors. 

College of Engineering and Computer Science 

Student Success in Engineering & Computer Science

The College of Engineering & Computer Science pioneers big ideas that impact the global good.  As a part of this FIG, you will learn about the various engineering & computer science disciplines and the technological innovations that are pushing the current state of the art of these disciplines to new heights.  You will discover the opportunities and services available to you in the college with a cohort of students who share your academic and career interests.

The College of Engineering recommends enrolling in a Freshman Interest Group (FIG) for your 1st semester.  A FIG is a 1-credit elective course that does not count towards your degree requirements but will be beneficial to your success as an Engineering major.  If you receive Title IV Financial Aid and receive a “Course Applicability” email, please make sure to read it carefully to decide if you still want to take this class. You may need to pay out of pocket for this 1-credit class.  Florida Pre-Paid and other scholarships will still cover the cost of this course.


College of Science

Success in Science

The education and research programs of our College span the sciences and mathematics with major efforts in many fields ranging from biotechnology, bioinformatics, and brain science to cryptology, developmental systems, dynamical systems, environmental sciences, geo-information science, marine science, and space-time physics. As someone curious where science can take you, this FIG explores the sciences taught at FAU through the lens of career and academic development.  You will be introduced to all of our majors to find the area that interests you most.  Open to all first-year science majors.  

Exploring Behavioral Science

This FIG is the right fit for students interested in understanding how one thinks (cognition) and behaves, what influences behavior, and the biological and neural bases of human and animal behaviors.  You will learn about the two majors and the historic contributions in these fields.  Through this FIG, you will engage in research and career exploration as you learn (or reinforce) positive academic skills.  Open to first-year psychology and neuroscience and behavior majors.

Health Care and Society FIG

As part of this interdisciplinary FIG, we will explore a variety of professions that impact health and well-being.  In this class, you will consider the total well-being of an individual, exploring the social, spiritual, biological, emotional, physical, and environmental aspects of optimal health.  The course will review healthy aging studies and the connections between behavioral, mental, and physical health. Open to first-year Exercise Science & Health Promotion and Health Science majors.


College of Education

*Education FIG

Students in this FIG will explore the four core education career paths, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Exceptional Student Education, and Early Care & Education, to discover how to succeed in thier desired major within FAU's College of Education. Students will be exposed to educational topics and resources that’s grounded in proven principles, yet boldly embraces new teaching innovations while being introduced to key faculty and staff. This course is open to all first-year Educations majors and students who are undecided in their major but may be interested in majoing within the College of Education. 

FIGS for Deciding Students

*Arts & Letters


*Social Work and Criminal Justice 

*Explorations in Diversity

*Pre-Health Professions

Please see the descriptions above for each.

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