Florida Atlantic University-affiliated programs engaging minors under the age of 18 must apply for approval with the Pre-Collegiate / Youth Programs (PcPO) prior to commencing program operations. Programs that fail to submit the application may be denied permission to continue operations at FAU.

Programs are required to seek approval if the activities:

(a) are sponsored, overseen, supervised, operated, or managed by Florida Atlantic University or any of its Direct Support Organizations or controlled affiliates,

(b) are funded in whole or in part from any FAU/Affiliate account,

(c) are related to any academic credit-bearing, certificate-earning, or other activity within the scope of the official FAU/Affiliate duties of a FAU/Affiliate employee, student, appointee, volunteer or other agent, or

(d) require approval by any FAU/Affiliate to be conducted.

The application process has been structured to familiarize the program directors with current program standards. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE APPLICATION PROCESS .

Background Checks

Background checks are required for all staff/faculty and volunteers (including student staff/volunteers) working in FAU-operated or affiliated youth programs. The background check must include a Level 2 background screening as defined by the State of Florida, which includes fingerprint checks through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The appropriate level of Background Checks must be completed prior to beginning to work with minors.

  • Current employees or volunteers who have been screened must be rescreened every 5 years to remain in compliance with the law. However, following the screening, if the employee has a break in service of over 90 days, the employee must be screened and cleared again before beginning work.
  • Verification of Background Checks must be kept on file.
  • Allow 3 – 4 weeks to obtain screening results.
  • Contact FAU’s Office of Human Resource Services to schedule an appointment.

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training

All Florida Atlantic University operated or affiliated youth programs are responsible for ensuring that any program employees, volunteers, and other individuals directly in contact with minors under the age of 18 be trained in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention. CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE TRAINING .

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training was developed to equip program directors with the knowledge to:

  • Employ strategies to provide a safe environment for youth, 
  • Recognize the different types and signs of child abuse or mistreatment, and
  • Properly respond to incidents involving youth and/or report known or suspected child abuse or mistreatment.

FAU-operated or affiliated youth program directors must:

  • Verify that all program staff/volunteers have successfully completed the Youth Protection training,
  • Train prior to the start of the program and provide copies of curriculum or training materials to PcPO at the time of application for program approval, and
  • Maintain records of training curriculum and attendance in accordance with University record-retention policy.  


Florida Atlantic University staff are required to abide by the Mandatory Reporting rules as outlined in House Bill 1355 (Penn State Bill). No person may abdicate this reporting responsibility to any other person.
Reporting is the law!

 Last Modified 6/14/18